Drive Traffic to Your Site With Chatwing Chat App

You can find hundreds of available chat widgets online promising you better communication and easy use yet in one way or another they lack certain features for wider reach and connectivity. Chatwing, a leading chat box was chosen by thousands of web surfers because it contains useful options that help users achieve global connectivity, real time communication and online flexibility. Here are the reasons why Chatwing chat app out performs the competition.

Total Convenience

It offers web users total convenience with its easy to follow steps of installation. It requires you to accomplish just three steps that can be done in less than a minute. In terms of modification a wide scope of customization options are presented to users to ensure that they will be able to come up with a widget that will fit their sites. Border designs can be changed, the widget’s title, size and height are adjustable and photo upload is possible. Want to create a chatbox that’s uniquely your creation? CSS customization method can be used in Chatwing chat app.

Facebook and Twitter integration


Chatwing is an effective tool for traffic acquisition. It is designed to be socially integrated thus Facebook and Twitter users can log in easily and partake in chat discussions anytime. Expanding reach, even Gmail and Yahoo log in infos can now be used to access the chatbox. Interacting with thousands online users can be done with just a few clicks and you can be sure that dynamic interaction will not be compromised. Chatwing chat app also promotes flexible communication with its vanity URL option. This feature allows group chats by making usernames and shortlinks. You now have the liberty to choose the people you want to speak with.

Website management is hassle-free because of the chat app’s full conversation control capacity. A web administrator can assign multiple moderators to help him monitor chat activities and eliminate offensive messages or user real time. This will preserve the website’s professional and decent reputation.


These are just few of the reasons why you must choose Chatwing. In the coming months, you will have more basis and advantages when you install Chatwing chat software because the dev team will continue to enhance this dynamic chat tool.

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