Using Chatwing in a Few Easy Steps

Checking up on friends no matter where they are has been made easier through the use of chatting tools. But sometimes, it’s a bit of a hassle if we have to register every time we use a chatroom. So here’s a simple solution – why not make one yourself? Here’s how Chatwing, an excellent chatting tool, can easily help you with that.


Well, it goes without saying, that before you can use it, you need to have a Chatwing account first. But there’s no need to worry at all, since all you need to fill up the registration form is a valid email and a password – it’s a one time registration and the whole process literally takes less than a minute to accomplish.



Right after you’ve finished making your account, you’ll be redirected here. The Dashboard page is where you can make your chatrooms. You have the option to create several more if you want and you can manage them all here. There should be one chatbox ready for use there so choose that and head on to the customization page by pressing the Customize Chatbox button.



Customizing your chatbox is one of Chatwing’s strong points. Here’s a simple tip while modifying – just take your sweet time doing so. That’s because the customization process offers a lot of options you can choose from and will modify every part of the chatbox – it can even use images you have as one of the modification options you can choose. The result is one unique chatbox that you and your friends will surely love.


But that’s not all. The customization panel is where you can find most of Chatwing’s features you can use to make chatting with them much better. You can set word filters, security controls and more. The whole process is separated into tabs to navigate it easier when you want to change a certain part of the chatbox or apply one of its features.

Note: Just make sure you press the Save buttons on each tab once you’re done customizing to make those changes permanent until you change it again.

When you’re done, press the Use button on the upper part of the Customization page.




The Embedding page is where you can choose the method of using Chatwing. If you’re a site owner, then the best choice would either be Embedded Options or the Popout Options. But if you just want to use the chatbox directly, pick Group Chat Url. It will show you two links of your chatbox – the real one and the Vanity URL for easier recognition. The Vanity URL can be set-up in the Customization page.What you need to do next is just copy the URL (preferably the Vanity URL) into your browser. Once done, your chatroom will show up in your browser. You can then invite your friends over and start chatting!


Experience More From Chatwing

This chat software is excellent if you’re talking about efficiency and affordability. It is user friendly, despite it being regarded as one of the most sophisticated chatting tool ever. Your friends can easily join in via their social media accounts and you can easily manage it – ban people and deleting messages with a click of the mouse button. It will deliver the best chatting experience with style. And you can get to use this nifty chatting tool along with its features for free.