How to Change the Windows 8 Password to a 4-digit PIN

picture_passwordWhen it comes to security upgrades, Windows 8 comes with added security features on top of the ones previously witnessed in all the other versions of Windows operating systems. One such key feature is the ability to use a four digit security PIN to log into your system. This feature is as secure as the password log in and in the event of forgetting this PIN you can always log into windows with your previous password.

Procedure of setting up and enabling 4 digit PIN.

1. In order to enable log in PIN open the Search charm by pressing Windows Key + C and selecting Search.

2. In the Search Charm, left click on Settings below the Search dialog box and type in pin.

3. From the search result left click on Create or Change pin option. This will open PC setting window. Alternatively you can access PC settings by pressing Windows Key and left clicking on your accounts username then choosing Change account picture. After doing this a windows titled PC settings will appear.

4. Left click Users option from the PC settings window.

5. Under the Sign-in options left click on Create Pin button below the Your Account window.

6. Upon clicking on Create Pin button, you will be prompted to confirm the current password that you are using. Type in the current password and click on Ok.

7. This will open another option of Create Pin.

8. Enter your desired PIN and confirm it then click on the Finish button.

9. After clicking finish button if prompted for the password of the current account type it then click on Ok.

10. To whether the PIN has been created successfully log off your system and restart it. Observe whether you will be prompted for a PIN.

11. That’s it when it comes to enabling a user log in PIN in your Windows 8. This will make your system more secure. A PIN is not easy to forget as compared to a password.

If in the future you want to disable the PIN follow procedure 1 through 4 and click on Remove. That’s how simple it is to revert the whole PIN action. So if you have been wondering on how you can enable PIN log in in Windows 8 then follow the procedure stipulated above. Thanks for reading

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