Review: CATraxx Music Collection Database Software

Do you have a large collection of music: CDs, MP3s (or other audio files) cassettes, even LPs? Have you ever thought of keeping an inventory of your music, either for your personal reference, or for insurance purposes? Perhaps you have tried doing this either with paper and pen or by using a spreadsheet application such as Excel. Not very handy, and it gets laborious to hand-enter all the relevant text.

Enter CATraxx!

CATraxx v8 is a powerful database program designed to help you maintain an inventory of your music collection. You can quickly catalog your collection by downloading CD data from CDDB – the world’s largest music database. You simply put one of your CDs in your PCs drive, tell CATraxx to read it and it sends the info to the CDDB database and fills out the entire disc’s available info for you in seconds! It will even download a small thumbnail of the album cover, if available. It doesn’t get much easier than that!

Here’s a look at the main interface with album covers displayed (click the thumbnail to get a larger view in a new window):


Here’s a closer look at the album’s details:


There are several tabs where you can enter additional information like reviews, appraisals, notes and even keep track of albums that you have loaned out. In all, there are over 50 custom data fields.
For your vinyl collection, you’ll have to enter the information manually and the same goes for cassettes. Track information can be obtained from a music search at Gracenote or and copied into the respective fields.
For individual audio files stored on your hard drive or removable media such as CDs, you can use the “Scan Folder: Add audio files” feature to find and catalog those files for you. You can edit individual track information just as you can with albums.

Report Designer:
The Report Designer feature is quite impressive and can be customized to your liking. There are 100 pre-designed reports and you can design your own from scratch. You can preview how the report will look before you print it or save it to a file. Reports can be saved in a variety of formats: Adobe Acrobat (really cool!), Excel, HTML, JPEG, Lotus 1-2-3, Quattro Pro, or RTF. This report (paper or digital)can then be stored in a safe place.

Here’s a screen capture of the Album Report with small album cover thumbnails, print preview:


CATraxx also contains a built-in CD player so you can listen to tracks as you work with them within the program.


CATraxx is endlessly configurable making it easy to work with your collection and display the information you want. Granted, if you have a large music collection building a database will take quite some time! However, if you value your collection there is no time like the present to start organizing and managing it.
You can download a fully functional trial version of CATraxx here, or purchase the full version and start organizing your collection today!