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How to Free Hard Drive Space on Windows 7

Even though hard drives are getting much larger and holding more data, we can still run into a situation where we need to free some of that space up. Whether you have filled up the drive to capacity or if you simply want to remove unnecessary files, the following tips will help you regain that precious space on your Windows 7 computer.

Allow a Program Through Your Windows Firewall

Windows firewall

Windows comes equipped with its very own firewall and sometimes you need to allow a program through your Windows Firewall. This will enable your program to communicate over the internet, usually downloading updates to keep the program running smoothly. Not all programs should be given free reign through the firewall so use this tip with […]

How to Find Your Folders and Files on a Windows 7 Computer

Search for files windows seven

This is an absolute computer basics tutorial on how to find folders and files on a Windows 7 computer. Be warned, this article is not for advanced computer users. Now there are a few options to use when accessing your folders and files. Use the search box on the Start menu This is the easiest […]

‘RAW’ Hard Drive Status – Its Effects, Causes, and Resolution

Every hard drive, whether it is internal or external, has set of advantages and disadvantages. The biggest advantage of a hard drive is it is used for storing your valuable data, such as your precious videos, alluring photos, favorite audios, personal files, and Operating System. Despite its usefulness and great value, hard drive users are […]

Cool free software for your Windows PC

Everyone loves something for free and luckily in the world of computers there’s a host of amazing software you can download and install, for no cost! Yes, gone are the days where you’d have to shell out hundreds for the latest program or software, in this day and age of online enterprise it’s never been […]

The Best Browser for Windows: Chrome 25 or IE 10?

It takes quite a lot of understanding about the different features available for these two browsers in order to come with a conclusive insight on which is the best browser for Windows between Chrome 25 versus Internet Explorer 10.

How to Disable the Automatic Activation Feature in Windows

Microsoft operating systems come with Automatic Activation Feature in activating Windows. This is for easing activation of one’s copy of Windows and also to verify that the Operating System copy is genuine. This Auto Activation is also used to prevent use of a single copy of Windows in two or more computers. This usage violates […]

Tips to Switch from Windows Vista to Windows 7

Though everyone loves to upgrade and keep abreast with the moving pace of technology, yet there are many users who still use Windows Vista and have not made their move to Windows 7. These users still seem too cautious to go for the update. Of course, there are several reasons to upgrade your Windows Vista […]

Essential Performance Tweaks for Windows 7

Although Microsoft’s latest operating system Windows 8 is now up for grabs there are many users who would much rather continue using the older Windows 7 with its traditional interface. Whether it is for the better multitasking in Windows 7 due to the ability to open and space out as many windows as you need […]

Backup your Wireless Network Settings in Windows 7

Back in the old days, if I had any home network problems, I used to spend hours trying to recreate complicated networks and adjusting wireless network settings. I actually used to play with everything that had anything to do with computers, simply because I loved them. When one of my networks crashed or had errors, […]

Ask an MVP about: Windows 7

Richard Hay is a Microsoft Windows Expert (Consumer)  MVP and now that Windows 7 has been out for about 18 months now (it was released in late October 2009), I sent him some questions to get his take on Windows 7 in the community and the challenges of running a Windows website. Q: Richard, I find that […]

Windows 7: Tested in depth

Over at CNET there is an in-depth review of Windows  7. It is a very encouraging review of Windows 7 and just may help you decide whether or not to upgrade your existing version of Windows to the new operating system. Some quotes: “As buggy and irritating as Vista was, Windows 7 isn’t. Instead, it’s the successor […]