Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) Interview: Warner Chaves

Warner Chaves is a SQL Server Certified Master and SQL Server Principal Consultant at Pythian, a global Canada-based company specialized in DBA services. He is a first-time SQL Server MVP awardee (2015). Warner, please tell us a little of your background: employment, training, your first PC, etc. My first contact with a PC was a […]

Meet an MVP: Eric Legault

Eric Legault has spent most of the past 18 years working independently and with various Microsoft Certified Partners and ISVs building solutions based on Microsoft’s Messaging & Collaboration platform.  He has been an Outlook Developer MVP since 2003, and has achieved certifications as an MCDBA and MCTS (SharePoint). Currently, Eric is a Product Manager for […]

Meet a Microsoft MVP: Adin Ermie

Adin Ermie is a first-year (2015) Canadian MVP awardee in the System Center Cloud and Datacenter Management category. As you will see in the interview to follow, Adin is a very busy fellow but he took some time to answer a few questions for our MVP Interview series.

Meet a Microsoft MVP: Martina White

Martina White is a first year (2014) Canadian SQL Server MVP with a lot of enthusiasm, which is typical of all Microsoft MVPs! She graciously agreed to be interviewed for the WindowsTalk “Meet an MVP” series.

Meet a Microsoft MVP: Simon Jackson

Please meet Simon “Darkside” Jackson, a first time (2014) MVP awardee in the ID@Xbox category. Simon is a self-styled “crazy evangelist guy who gets hyped with new and shiny things, tearing them apart and then showing others how to make the most of them.”

Meet an MVP: Rich Simpson

The latest installment in the “MVP Interview” series here at WindowsTalk. This time, I interview newly -awarded Windows MVP Rich Simpson.

Meet a Microsoft MVP: Justin Vendette

Please meet Justin Vendette MVP, a newly-awarded (October 2014) Windows-Expert Consumer MVP. Let’s get to know Justin a little better and find out why he was deserving of the Microsoft MVP award for his past year’s online activities.

Meet an MVP: Kapil Arya

Please meet Kapil Arya, a first-year (2014) Windows Expert- Consumer MVP. Kapil lives in India and runs a website Kapil Sparks™, which focuses on Windows troubleshooting and how-to tips. Let’s get to know Kapil a little better:

Meet an MVP: Anand Khanse

Anand Khanse

While I have known Anand for a number of years, it was only until recently did I have the opportunity to interview him for my “MVP Interview” series. Anand has been a Microsoft Windows-Expert Consumer MVP since 2006 and lives in India.

Meet a Microsoft MVP: Patrick Barker

It is my pleasure to introduce Patrick Barker, who just received his first Microsoft MVP award (Windows Expert – Consumer) in July 2014. This represents the first time I have ever interviewed a ‘fresh’ MVP. As a young person, I was interested in his responses as one who grew up with computer technology, not typewriters, adding machines and punch cards like me!

Meet a Microsoft MVP: J. C. Griffith

John C. Griffith is a Microsoft Windows Expert-Consumer and owner of the Sysnative support forums, which is staffed by Microsoft MVPs and other helpful technical experts, some of which have been interviewed here already.

Meet a Microsoft MVP: John D. Carrona

I would like to introduce John Carrona, a Microsoft Windows Expert-Consumer MVP. John has been an MVP since 2006 and is very active in online support communities. As a fellow member of the Sysnative Microsoft support forums, I asked him if he wouldn’t mind being featured here as part of the ongoing WindowsTalk MVP Interview series.

Meet a Microsoft MVP: Rayda D.

I would like to introduce Rayda D. a Microsoft Windows Expert-Consumer MVP. Rayda has been an MVP since 2011 and is very active in online support communities, aside for her busy work schedule. Recently, I asked Rayda a few questions about her work and the MVP program.

Ask an MVP About: Microsoft Zune

As a Zune owner, I wanted to ask a Zune MVP about the current  ‘state of the Zune’, so I sent Marques Lyons a few questions. Q: Marques, tell us about Microsoft’s latest Zune device. A: If you ask Zune, the latest Zune device is Windows Phone 7, since the music+video hub offers some of […]

Ask an MVP about: Windows 7

Richard Hay is a Microsoft Windows Expert (Consumer)  MVP and now that Windows 7 has been out for about 18 months now (it was released in late October 2009), I sent him some questions to get his take on Windows 7 in the community and the challenges of running a Windows website. Q: Richard, I find that […]

Ask an MVP about: Home PC Security

Corrine Chorney is a Microsoft Consumer Security MVP and I asked her to answer a few questions about the state of home PC security. You can see her complete MVP profile here and you can scroll to the end of this article for more information about her website as well as her social networking links. […]