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Are Duplicate Music Files Bad for Your PC’s Health?

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PCs allow us to store music and organize songs in different folders. These folders consume huge disk space and often become messy. Files get disorganized due to inevitable duplication. Duplicate music tracks in Windows and iTunes application in Microsoft Windows need to be removed to make computer less prone to sluggishness and data corruption. Here […]

De-clutter Your Desktop

Want to tidy up your desktop? Here are six tips on how you can get your desktop more organized and even reduce virtual clutter too.

Fewer BSODs with Windows 8?

This content was provided by Windows MVP John D. Carrona. I asked hom if he thought there are fewer fewer BSODs (Blue Screen of Death) with Windows 8 compared to previous versions of Windows.

Speeding up your Windows computer

speed up pc

Have you noted that your computer has slowed down? Are you unable to carry out simple tasks on your computer running Windows and suffer frequent episodes of your computer hanging? Do you find your Windows computer slow to retrieve files and open programs? Is your computer slowing down your gameplay graphics? If you have any […]

How to Close Open Apps in Windows 8

Windows 8 Start Screen

Have you ever wondered to close any or all of the apps you have open in Windows 8? It’s hard to do when there is no ‘close’ button like you may be used to in previous versions of Windows (or the Windows 8 desktop). While open apps do not slow down your computer like having […]

Why Windows Desktop Systems May Never Be Obsolete

Over the past few years, many bloggers have mentioned how desktop computing is a dying style and that mobile technology is the wave of the future. Although mobile technology has made a great impact on the world and desktop sales have been lulling due to this, desktop computing in general may never be as obsolete […]

How to Free Hard Drive Space on Windows 7

Even though hard drives are getting much larger and holding more data, we can still run into a situation where we need to free some of that space up. Whether you have filled up the drive to capacity or if you simply want to remove unnecessary files, the following tips will help you regain that precious space on your Windows 7 computer.

Whom To Call When You Have Problems Booting A Computer

Problems booting a computer often require expert help. You can’t just call your grandson who “knows a lot about computers” if all he really knows is how to fix a few software problems. But you also don’t necessary need to pay an expert a ton of money to get your problems fixed. Even when windows will not start at all, the solution can be easy or it can be time to call an expert.

Free Software Which Removes Old Temporary Files

Temporary files are files automatically created by programs for a relatively short period of time (hours through weeks). There are some significant advantages to regularly removing temporary files.

5 Hidden Features of Windows 8

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There are plenty of new shortcuts, options and tricks built right into Windows 8 which makes it real quick to operate. Still you think that you know all of them? Let’s see because over the entire course of this article we’ll be revealing few hidden features of Windows 8 Operating system, read on to know them.

The Computer Black Screen of Death Curse

Troubleshoot black screen

When the average computer user has a computer that will not start, their immediate reaction is to panic and try every remedy there is in the next few seconds. Obviously the best option is to stop and think about what you are doing first, as the black screen on your computer monitor is often a simple error and when dealt with appropriately, can be fixed very easily.

6 Windows XP Tips You Should Know

Since Windows XP has been around since 2003, there are still many PCs running it. Here are six tips to help you use XP more efficiently. Some of these work on Windows 7, too!

Download 4 Start Menu Replacements for Windows 8

Is it possible to bring the start menu back on your Windows 8 desktop? Of course it is possible; in fact there are plenty of options to choose from. And that’s what we’re going to discuss over the entire course of this article. Read on to find out best Start Menu replacements for Windows 8.

4 Great Windows 8 Features That Will Improve Your Website

I bet you didn’t think it was possible to use an operating system to improve your website. Luckily Windows 8 came along and it’s now easy to do. If you’re a webmaster looking to take your site to the next level we can look at a few cool Windows 8 tricks you can use.

How to Diagnose Your Computer For Nine Basic Problems

Most common PC problems are caused by simple things that can be quickly fixed by you. So don’t get the wrong conclusion that it’s time to replace your PC with a new one just because its performance has slowed down. Here are some tips on how to diagnose nine basic computer problems.

Where Will the PCs Go?

True, the PC may take a backseat when it comes to the mainstream markets, but personal computers and the like will continue to exist and be relied upon for a multitude of tasks and operations that are absolutely necessary for civilization to continue.

Why is Windows so Prone to Viruses?

Viruses and other harmful software have been fighting a long hard battle with an unknown victor since both sides have increasing troops and aces in their arsenals every day. Windows is the most affected and most plagued by viruses probably because there is a larger percent of the population of the world who use them […]

How To Remove Old Files The Safe Way

Before you remove old files by deleting them and then emptying the Recycle Bin, consider this: if you delete the files, you will lose access to them forever. That may be your goal now, but what about later? What happens when you discover you deleted an important file and now you must spend hours or […]

How to automatically backup your files in Windows 8

The new feature introduced in Windows 8 allows you to automatically backup all your important personal files such as .pdf, word documents and images to secure place. This all new feature in Windows 8 is termed as File history.

Top Windows 8 Features You’ll Love

Most Windows users usually skip a generation. I know many who went from 98 to XP, and then to 7. Will Windows 8 be another disappointment or will it be the operating system to finally break the cycle? Time to find out!

11 Great Free Programmes For Your Computer

While free software is unlikely to have the full features of paid software it is usually more than adequate for most home users. Here are some programmes home users really need to know about.