Canada at the Forefront of Mobile Commerce Revolution

Amid fears that consumers in the United States will be slow to get on board with the idea of mobile commerce, it’s been left to their neighbours from the north to pioneer this technology as a mainstream form of payment. A move this week has confirmed that by 2013, Manitoba Telecom Services, Inc. will be making mobile payment technology available to all of their customers in the province. This is great news if you live in Manitoba, but what does this mean for the development of mobile commerce on a global scale?

Encouraging Mobile Commerce

This move by MTS is something a victory for those who champion the cause of mobile commerce. Here is a major telecommunications company who are willing to back the idea of payment by smartphone and other mobile payment technologies. The technology that MTS will be offering will allow their mobile subscribers to pay for products at participating retailers within the province buy using a lightweight app on their smartphones. This is key to the development of mobile commerce as if the system works well; the general public will begin to put their faith in mobile payment technology.

The Importance of Mobile Commerce is Recognised

Business experts are already predicting the mobile commerce could have a huge impact on the way we pay for things on a day to day basis, what Manitoba Telecom Services have done by announcing their intention to launch this kind of program is recognised the future importance of the mobile commerce. The technology has been developed over the past few years to make mobile commerce as safe and secure as payment using a bank card. Paying by smartphone is also significantly quicker than by any traditional methods, saving both shoppers and business owners valuable time. These advantages are finally getting the acknowledgement they deserve.

Making the Wallet Redundant

MTS have made the bold, yet ambitious claim that mobile commerce could turn people’s smartphones in “virtual wallets” irradiating the need for carrying wallets. The company claim that the technology they have developed which will turn your phone into a payment device, could also be used to carry other information such as virtual library cards, train passes and loyalty scheme cards. This is the most extreme idea set out in MTS’s plan, but the most exciting also; if they can achieve only half of what they’re promising, it will be nothing short of revolutionary

The Beginning of a Mobile Revolution

If mobile commerce programs like the pioneering scheme run by MTS are given a good reception by the public, there is no limit to the sort of time and energy saving technologies that could be incorporated for mobile use. Recently, Apple launched its new “Passbook” app which will allow iPhone users to carry anything from virtual tickets for sporting events to airline boarding passes. With apps like this along with MTS’s claim that they will also be able to digitalise other various passes for your smartphone, we as consumers could be on the brink of a mobile revolution.

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