Calibrate Display Colour in Windows 7

081 Does your screen (or display) colour look a little ‘off’? Perhaps it is time to look at the Display Color Calibration Tool in Windows 7. Much like a TV’s on-screen display calibration, the Windows 7 tool can make your display more vibrant by adjusting your displays gamma, brightness, contrast, as well as helping you to tweak the ClearType settings.

Here’s how:

The easiest way to get to the Display Color Calibration tool is to type calibrate in the Windows 7 search box in the start menu. See #1 below.


The Windows 7 search is very fast and is a quick way to get to any program or file on your PC that you do not know the exact name of. The search results are displayed at the top of the menu and are ordered for you as well (#2 above). Click on ‘Calibrate display color’ and this window will open:


Select ‘Calibrate color’ in the left hand menu (red arrow) and this will start the Display Color Calibration tool:


You can click on the link “How do I calibrate my display to get more details before you begin. Otherwise, click ‘Next’ to start the progression of screens and test images that the tool will take you through.

The final screen allows you to compare your display with the proposed changes before it applies them. If you don’t like the adjusted look, you can revert back to your previous settings. If you do make changes, allow the tool to start the ClearType Tuner so you can adjust the ClearType display (if necessary) for your new display settings.


*Note: The color settings that you can change, as well as how you change those color settings, depend on your monitor’s display and its capabilities. Not all monitors have the same color capabilities and settings, so you might not be able to change all the different color settings when using Display Color Calibration.