Cables, cables everywhere! The top three cable management tools

Running a computer can be a nightmare. It’s almost as if the cables multiply the second they’re behind the desk, and it can make for a cluttered workstation. Although the opting for laptops and all in one computers might diminish the cable craze, the issue of out of control cable clutters is still an issue that requires practical solutions for many. In this article we’ll present three cable management tools that can help to make the area around your computer more tidy.

Monster Cable-It. The cable giant produces its own management kits, assumedly to remind clients that the company sympathizes with the consumer. It’s a standard fare: a worm-like hollow cylinder that wraps around cables and holds them snugly together. Cable threading is pretty simple, and it does the job. It’s not pretty, and it is expensive. So, unless you’re a Monster devotee (which it’s hard to be, after the HDMI cable marketing fiasco), it’s hard to recommend. Still, as one of the most popular, it would have been remiss to have omitted it from the top three.

Bentley Harris Braid Sleeving. This is a different take on cable management, and one that requires a bit more work – though the results are arguably better (As well as more customizable). A ‘braid sleeve’ can be constructed from a number of materials – from cotton to PET, Kevlar, and even stainless steel (there’s a Teflon version too, for ultra-slippery applications) – and flexes nicely to accommodate bendy cables. It’s also really easy to colour-code braids so you know exactly which wires are running where, without having to seek out terminals to guide guesswork. The only downside is that braids cannot be fitted in situ – you have to take whichever cables you’re using off the devices they’re connected to, thread them through the braid and then reconnect them to the device for the management to be effective. But if you’re willing to put in the work, the results look good (and are easy to troubleshoot should something go wrong).

Cable Sash. It’s amazing that something so fundamental as cable management can procure so many different approaches to solving the same problem. It’s hard not to recommend Cable Sash. A natty little nylon slip, the sash pops over the top of any cables in situ, and is then tightened at each end. It looks pretty – kind of like a cable-y sock – and does its job admirably. Because virtually all computer cables are insulated, there’s no danger from the nylon fabric touching the cables directly.

So there we have it – three of the top cable management tools. Each exhibiting a very different approach to solving the problem of wayward cables, you may find the best solution is to go for a mixture of the three. After all, there’s nothing stopping you from popping a Cable Sash around your Cable-It’ed Bentley Harris-braided cables.