BYOD+Cloud Computing-A Dream Team

Happy Festival season everybody! As we are moving towards a new year, most of you must be planning or are already on a big vacation bash. It doesn’t matter if you’re eating somewhere with family or hanging out with friends-You are never away from work all thanks to the partnership of the cloud with the new BYOD [Bring Your Own Device] strategy.

BYOD denotes the strategy of permitting employees to work with their privately owned mobiles, laptops or smartphones to access critical enterprise applications and data.

It is projected that the total no. of portable connected devices will double themselves to 12 billion by 2020 along with their revenue shooting upto nearly 1.2 trillion dollars.

The Holy Benefits:

1. Your Very Own Piggy-Bank:

  • Both BYOD and cloud computing together can save the company a whole lot of dollars. From the outset, you can save money on staff devices and equipment costs.
  • Additionally, it cuts costs when it comes to maintaining, supporting and repairing those equipments. Reduction in infrastructure costs as well as paper/ink savings further solidifies this cost efficiency machine’s prowess.

2. Happy Employee= Productive Employee:

  • BYOD oozes worker satisfaction for the sole reason and perhaps the only one which matters- Work on the tools YOU desire. This brings out tangible results as staff productivity notches another level.
  • Employees become comfortable with the cutting-edge personal device they use daily and reach the highest productivity standards by upgrading to the latest hardware/software more periodically. Moreover, it also reduces the number of additional devices the employees are carrying to the office.
  • This freedom of choice is and always will remain a silver lining implementing real-time productivity, innovation and positive staff engagement.
  • Companies have started to figure this out-A happy employee is a productive employee. It’s a win-win situation for everyone.

3. Grade A Security:

  • Security is of the utmost concern. Letting someone else use your device is too common an occurrence. There might be chinks in the armor but the wholesome security package BYOD-CLOUD provides compensates for everything else.
  • Mobile device management tools provide staff the ability to wipe off sensitive data from their stolen devices in addition to nullifying the risk of data breaches.
  • BYOD successfully handles the security puzzle by monitoring which devices are actually usable and which corporate data should be safeguarded.
  • You know what the best part is? You are in total control of your IT strategy.

4. The ‘Desktop Virtualization’ Magic-Wand:

  • Traditionally, enterprises utilize huge workspaces or lodgings to store key corporate files and archives. But that is sheer history!
  • In today’s world, entire enterprises are housed on the cloud. A worker’s mobile device would simply become a medium to connect to the cloud desktop. Just enter your login details and voila!

5. Visibility empowerment:

  • There’s no point being shy in admitting that we all waste time in the office sometime or the other. But in this case, this is actually a good sign! Because it becomes way easier when your very own personal games and photos are only a click away.
  • Time wasting is nullified as it empowers visibility for the staff. Companies through website filtering can now keep tabs on the websites their staff is visiting during work. This privilege makes sure that the employee online behavior meets the enterprise standards.

6. Storage Sufficiency:

  • The BYOD-Cloud deadly duo provides extensively improved storage options. Cloud based storage platforms like Dropbox which once seemed distant are now offering services which are unparalleled.
  • This has changed the whole scenario of IT consumerization. The availability of these revolutionary applications on your mobile devices is on-the-go.

7. Additional Benefits:

  • The most fundamental reason why enterprises are running after BYOD adoption through the cloud is because of the demands from both employees and the end users for mobile applications access.
  • The Connectivity Solution:The frequency, versatility and the whole range of mobile devices interwoven in a seamless network of connectivity invokes a much greater standard. Missed calls and disconnects no longer exist with the influx of various networking applications at your disposal solving the connection crisis.


Individually, these technological innovations provide some benefits, but when their relentless powers combine, brilliant things unfold.

Driven by the cloud in accordance with the accessibility of mobile devices, BYOD personifies advancement and progression in every sense. If you still haven’t stepped on the wagon, think again!

Fatima Haley, is a technology and gadget aficionado and an efficient writer. Other than working at QuickBooksHosting DotCom she actively engages in forum discussions, writing blogs, guest posts and articles on topics like cutting-edge technologies [SIP, VoIP & PBX to name a few], latest mobile-apps, cloud hosting services such as QuickBooks hosting, etc.