A Guide to Buying DVDs and Blu-ray Discs Online

No longer do you have to wait for the latest release to come into the stores or head down to the local video store to rent it. These days you can purchase Blu-rays or DVDs online and have them delivered straight to your door in only a few days.

DVD and Blu-rays offer high-quality picture, superior sound, convenience and added user-friendly features. These discs can be played on your disc player, computer, laptop or gaming console.

Why Buy DVDs and Blu-ray Discs?

Movies are one of the all-time favourite ways to spend a lazy afternoon on the couch, a date night in, or a weekend-long movie marathon with your best friend. Having your favourite movie titles available to watch at any time can be a comforting thought, whether it’s that tear-jerker drama, romantic comedy, action thriller or sci-fi epic. Blockbuster movies are being released onto DVD and Blu-ray almost constantly these days, and not just from Hollywood but from all over the world. You may enjoy the traditional English-produced new releases, action-packed American movies or even European subtitled movies. Whatever your preference, watching the latest releases in the comfort of your own home on your own time is a great way to escape the hectic or monotonous daily grind.

Download or Buy the Disc?

Although it seems the latest craze is to download movies, there are still some very convincing benefits to buying actual discs. Yes, downloading movies on the Internet means they are loaded onto your PC or laptop, portable and ready to be taken anywhere you go. But what happens if your file corrupts, your laptop is infected with a virus, or your PC does something crazy and unexplainable, wiping all your files? When you only download movies over the Internet you need to back them up somewhere and ensure that this backup is safe and working. When you buy the disc, you can always download it onto your PC or laptop to take on the road with you. If something happens to the file, there’s no worry because you know you still have the original disc sitting safely at home.

Another benefit of buying the disc over downloading it is that you can easily let your friends or family members borrow the title. The lightweight DVD or Blu-ray disc protected in its case can be shared around far easier than a downloaded movie can be.

Benefits of Buying DVDs and Blu-ray Discs Online

DVDs and Blu-rays can be purchased from various retail stores, department stores and even video stores. However, buying movie titles online is a more cost-efficient, convenient way to purchase discs. And you never even have to leave your home!

Heading online to buy your next DVD means you can search for the most competitively priced site from the comfort of your own home. You no longer have to traipse around from one shop to the next comparing prices and finding availability. It’s easy to find which online stores have the disc available to purchase, and most sites usually do have all their titles available.

With online DVD and Blu-ray disc purchases you don’t have to wait in shop queues. With a few simple clicks you can have your latest release shipped directly to your door within only a few days. Searching for your desired titles is easy, payment is secure and straightforward and shipping is fast and effective.

How to Buy DVDs and Blu-ray Discs Online

The most important thing to remember when buying DVDs and Blu-ray discs online is to find a reputable site that sells quality discs, not pirated or illegal copies. To help you identify if a site is reputable, simply follow these few tips:

  • Check the Web address. If the website address looks odd or unrelated to the company name or its product, then be wary.
  • Purpose of the site. Is the purpose of the site clear? You should be able to clearly identify that the site is focused on selling DVDs and Blu-rays. Although they are able to legitimately sell other products, you should be able to get an immediate feeling whether the site is credible.
  • Contact us. Any credible site will have a clearly visible contact site. An address, phone or fax number and credible email address should be provided. Reputable sites tend to offer users added extras, such as FAQs, helpful DVD buying guides, newsletters and an About Us page. 

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