Building A Secure Wi-Fi Network For Your Business

It’s probably not a surprise that Internet crime is on the rise, but just how large those numbers are may be startling to most people. Even more shocking than the 314,246 Internet crimes reported in 2011 is where they were located – 90% of global Internet crimes happen within the United States. Although mostly focused on large acts of terrorism, federal agencies monitor Internet traffic as well as other forms of communication to watch for crime and illicit activity. Over the years 2004 to 2007, a 62% increase in wiretaps occurred, as well as 3,000% growth in the monitoring of online communication and data transfer. The FBI spent $39 million on their DCSNet, the electronic system which monitors and analyzes Internet data.

Despite increases in monitoring, crime still grew. Many businesses now obtain legal indemnification for their Internet services by requiring users to sign an agreement accepting full responsibility for their actions as well as actions by others online. These agreements aim to keep businesses from having large expenses related to Internet crime. After all, $485,253,871 was lost to complaints about Internet crime in 2011. Some large corporations may have millions of dollars to spend without having to worry, but many small businesses can be severely impacted by even small fees. Managed Wi-Fi services offer relief to concerned business owners. If your company isn’t large enough to manage your IT services, or even if you have a small IT department, hiring an outside firm to coordinate your Wi-Fi can prevent a bunch of legal trouble. These managing companies know how to deal with regulations like the Communication Assistance for Law Enforcement Act and the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards. They make sure you comply with these and other industry standards, so you can continue your normal business.