Broken Laptop? Where To Go And Get It Fixed

Laptops often break trough misuse or malfunction of software, leaving you with a dilemma of where or how to get it fixed. If you break the screen it is always a good idea to have a look at screen prices online, buy the screen yourself and find somewhere to fit it, as often this works out much cheaper.
If it is a software malfunction or a virus that your laptop has picked up through an email or a particular website, you are better off finding a specialist for this, and I hope you’ve backed up your files because this can lead to re installing Windows, or the software you use.

If you have a PC (tower) then don’t worry too much about lugging it to your local store, you’ll find there are PC repair companies that will come to your home and fix it for you. Just nip on to Google and search PC repair in your local area, be sure, as with any service, you get a couple of comparison quotes to confirm you’re paying a fair price.

Broken laptop charger? Where do you find a replacement laptop charger?
The first port of call is to gather information on your laptop. Get the make and model of you laptop, the screen size as well, and maybe even the serial number and then decide whether to start online or visit your local computer store.

If you go into a large, major computer store, they will point you immediately in the right direction and find the right charger for you. Often the branded charger is more expensive than the generic or the store’s own brand, and we find the generic chargers usually perform just as well.
Before making the purchase in store, it’s always a good idea to take the product number and search through Google – Google’s shopping facility is great for this – and find the stockist with the lowest prices. Laptop chargers are usually cheaper online as overheads are less for an online sale and there are some online only sellers, for the purpose of keeping prices low.
If repairing or replacing is not an option, or you’d prefer to replace with something more up to date, you’ll find Apple Macbooks are very durable and almost impossible to get a virus. If you prefer a Windows PC or laptop, they are better secured these days but it is always safer to get good anti virus protection.

Brent Wood shares his interest on fixing technology on behalf of Coywood LTD