Book Review: Microsoft Office 2013 Step by Step

MS_Office_2013_LogoI have worked in the business world for many decades and as time progressed it became more and more essential to understand computers. Unfortunately for myself there was never really any teacher or source of knowledge that could explain what I needed to know as things were new. A lot of what I know today is based off trial and error. My child, a teenage boy is new to computers, specifically office tools like Microsoft Office and I knew if he wanted to get far in life he would need to know how to use them. there are now many programs and courses that teach the essentials so it seemed like this way would be the least time consuming and easiest way to go.

With so many options and a busy sports schedule I decided to give my teenager a copy of “Microsoft Office Professional 2013 Step by Step” a Microsoft Office 2013 walkthrough.  In the rest of this article I would like to highlight why I chose this book for my teenager and why anyone else in need of Microsoft Office skills could use this.

The main reason why this book works is because it is broken down into a way that anyone can understand. Essentially it is broken down into eight parts, the first part consisting of the main fundamentals that all office programs share the same such as recovering unsaved files. After the fundamentals it is broken down into seven other sections discussing each program individually. The language and the wording are made so simple and if that is not enough the book comes with multiple pictures that are clearly labeled and diagramed.
Unlike taking a course in a school this book makes it personal. People are free to go as far as they want to go with the user being able to progress when they feel ready. In a class type atmosphere this usually is not possible as everyone learns at different rates, therefor using this book you can get a complete understanding before moving on. This was great for my son because he can take time to learn and master new things, especially when so much information needs to be known.

Finally in conjunction with the price and working at your own pace, it is cheaper to learn from this book. A course taught by a teacher would cost me a little over $200 dollars. It was too much for me and I doubted my son would learn anything in a rushed environment. For a fraction of the price I was able to provide my son with a better education. This is definitely great for anyone looking to not spend a lot.

Concluding we see that Microsoft Office Professional 2013 Step by Step provides easy understanding of Microsoft office through great language and diagrams, lets the user learn at their own pace, and is a fraction of enrolling in a course. Overall this book is great for anyone looking to learn Microsoft Office 2013! If my teenage son can learn how to use office than I am confident anyone can!

Contributed by Adriana Andrzejewski