The Computer Black Screen of Death Curse

When the average computer user has a computer that will not start, their immediate reaction is to panic and try every remedy there is in the next few seconds. Obviously the best option is to stop and think about what you are doing first, as the black screen on your computer monitor is often a simple error and when dealt with appropriately, can be fixed very easily.

Some computer users say they have a black screen on their computer, just because their monitor has not turned on. That is not a real problem, as you can turn your monitor on and your computer will still be working. Even if there is a problem with the monitor, you can replace it and your computer will still be working.

The real problem lies when you know your monitor is working, you can hear the power running in the background, but you can’t see anything on the screen. You should be seeing your Windows logo appear on the screen, or even some startup grunting noises, depending on how old your computer is.

When it gets to this stage, it is time to troubleshoot your problem. But I must warn you, it is best to take the troubleshooting process is slow, so you can gauge what works and what doesn’t.

Here are a few tips to try when you first see a black screen of death on your computer:

1. What Did You Do?

Remain calm and think about what you recently did with the computer that may have caused this problem. Did you install a new program or maybe update the program? Did you install a new device or even leave one plug-in?

2. Start in Safe Mode

The first thing to do when you see this problem is to restart your computer. But if you see a screen that asks you if you want to start normally or start in safe mode, choose to start in safe mode now. Often people make the mistake of choosing to start normally when they have had a terrible error occurred on their computer. This could escalate the problem so it is better to choose safe mode.

If you do not see that screen you can start in safe mode by pressing the F8 key on your keyboard when your computer is stating up. This will take you to the Advanced boot options menu.

3. Use the Advanced Options Menu

If your computer does not start normally and you do not see the options to go into safe mode, then restart the computer and press the F8 key on the keyboard to bring up the event boot options menu. Hopefully you will now see the choice to start in safe mode. When in safe mode you can now what you had previously done all troubleshoot the problem from there.

Even Windows 8 still has an Advanced options menu.

Troubleshoot black screen

4. Try Your Operating CD

If you can’t get into safe mode then the next best option is to put your operating CD into the drive and enter into the recovery console. This means you will have to boot your computer to the CD first. Sometimes this means you have to go into your BIOS and change the boot options. Usually a computer is set to boot to the hard drive first, but we wanted to boot to the CD first.

5. Buy Software to HelpRecover.Computer.From.Black.Screen.Cover (1) (145x200)

You can also buy a boot CD that can fix many errors on your computer and help you boot up. For example a special boot disk can even repair the files in the boot sector of a hard drive. If the files on the boot sector of your hard drive are damaged, there are CDs out there that can fix this for you. They also do other amazing things.

There are so many other black screen troubleshooting tips to mention when it comes to a computer black screen. Hopefully your problem will be solved by some simple step, which is usually the case. There are never any guarantees though, as seeing a black screen on your computer can also mean that your computer is near death. However, most of the time, the Black screen of death turns out to be the simplest problem a computer can have.

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