Bing Travel

(with excerpts from a Microsoft PressPass)

At some point this year, you are probably going to take a trip for business or pleasure (hopefully pleasure!).  Microsoft launched Bing Travel in June 2009 to help consumers find good deals on travel, whether it is a flight or accommodations you are searching for. Bing Travel uses something called Farecast technology to provide airfare Price Predictors and hotel Rate Indicators

According to a recent survey by Bing Travel, “52 percent of potential travelers search three or more sites before booking their airfare. Forty-two percent of travelers spend between one and four weeks weighing their travel options, and 17 percent spend more than one month. Bing Travel aims to dramatically reduce the amount of time consumers spend searching for travel information by presenting comprehensive results in one place, and to help consumers make more informed decisions with tools such as Price Predictor and Rate Indicator.”

“Bing Travel has a simple goal: help people make smarter, more informed decisions regarding travel,” said Hugh Crean, general manager of Bing Travel. “Travelers face plenty of challenges — from airport security and luggage restrictions to finding their hotel in an unknown city or trying to speak a foreign language. Researching and booking travel should be simple and easy, and now Bing Travel is here to help.”

Microsoft research shows that 45 percent of people use a search engine to select a flight or hotel. Bing Travel provides new, innovative travel answers within the Bing search experience. Starting today, people searching on Bing for hotels in a given city with a search such as “Vegas hotels” will get Bing Travel Instant Answers included directly in search results, featuring the Rate Indicator, which helps people choose the right hotel.

Have a look at Bing Travel for planning your next trip: