Bing Canada Preview is Live

I have switched to Bing as my default search provider (from Google). Let’s see how it fares over the next few days.

Some localized features are not available yet in the Canadian version (as compared to the US version), like Travel and Shopping, for instance.

Give Bing a try! Read on for more information on Bing.

Bing is about making Search Easier

Almost any search engine can provide basic results, but with Bing, we’ve improved many aspects of the search experience.

Home page. Because you may not always know about the range of content a search engine can find for you, the Bing home page includes a beautiful new image daily, information hotspots embedded in that image, and clear links for starting your searches for video, news, shopping, travel, images or maps.

Autosuggest. Bing examines what you are typing in the search box and will automatically suggest similar terms or common refinements related to the term you are typing.

Best Match. The Bing Best Match feature is designed to make finding relevant information easier by cutting down the number of clicks and getting you to your final destination faster.

Document Preview. Nearly one-quarter of searches result in rapid click back, when you realize that the search result was not what you were looking for. Document Preview lets you hover over a search result to see a preview of the site’s content, which helps you determine whether the site is likely to contain the information you’re looking for — before you click.

Instant Answers. Bing provides Instant Answers that immediately return highly relevant direct answers in response to a specific search. For example, entering a flight number will return the most recent flight information and display it prominently in the results, saving the hassle of going to a separate page. Other Instant Answers on Bing include stock prices, local weather, sports scores and more.

Bing makes Search More Organized

Our research indicates that 72 percent of people surveyed said current search results are too disorganized. To provide order to the chaos of search, Bing analyzes search results for certain types of search terms and organizes them so they’re easy for you to navigate. These categories include travel, shopping, health, technology, autos, entertainment, sports, animals and more.

Explore Pane. Located on the left side of the screen, the Explore Pane lets you easily filter search results. Features in the Explore Pane include categorized search results called Quick Tabs, links to related searches and past searches in Session History. The Explore Pane also can be used in the local, travel and shopping experience for powerful refinement of your search results.

Quick Tabs. Half of all searches are eventually refined to find more specific results. Quick Tabs anticipate your intent when searching and offers easy access to some of the most common refinements for a given search.

Related Searches. When searching for a specific result, our research has shown that people also like to expand their search to explore related topics. After making an initial search, Related Searches provides a list of related search terms, helping you easily expand a search to find more great results.

Session History. Nearly half of all searches are a repeat of a previous search. Session History provides easy access to searches from your current search session so that you don’t need to initiate a new query to get back to an earlier result.

Video search. Bing video search helps make finding, previewing and watching videos easier. Bing indexes content from video sites across the Web and our own index of full-length television shows. It also includes filtering tools to narrow a search to make it easier for you to find the exact video you’re looking for.

Image search. Bing image search includes infinite scroll, which lets you easily browse image results without clicking to a new page. Bing also has powerful filtering tools for images to make it easier to find just the right image.