Beware of Windows Live Account Shutdown Scam

Today, I received this official looking email from the “Windows Live Team”:

Hotmail Phishing Scam

Just at the bottom is a signature by Steve Craddock (whoever he is). This is a phishing scam, and the jerks who designed this email did a pretty good job of making it look official; even using Microsoft graphics to enhance the look and feel.

Remember, Microsoft would never ask you for your email password or your date of birth.

One other way to tell it was a scam was to look at the sender’s email address:

NOT a Microsoft email address!

Suspicious, isn’t it? If you are ever in doubt about an email’s authenticity, the first thing to do is to never click any of the links in the email. This can lead to your PC greeting infected with a virus or malware.

The second thing to do is to report it by clicking on Mark as > Phishing scam so Microsoft knows about it. See this Microsoft website for more information:

There’s also good article on Hotmail security over at Security Garden:

It would be an act of kindness to let all your friends and family that are on Hotmail know about this phishing scam and to report it if they get a similar email.