Best Tips To Recover Deleted Data from Your Windows System

Deletion of data has been the most common problem since the first usage of computers. In those initial days of computer usage, users used to believe that once a file is deleted, there is no way to recover that.

Soon Windows systems were introduced with the concept of ‘Recycle Bin’ and the deleted files go to into the Recycle Bin folder rather than direct deletion. While a file lies in the Recycle Bin, you can easily restore it back. Once you empty the Recycle Bin folder, there is no option to recover the deleted files. Similarly, sometimes Windows partitions also get deleted along with the data in them. However those days are gone and now, there are many data recovery software available to recover deleted Windows data.

 Apart from accidental deletion of important data, there are many other reasons behind the deletion of important files from your Windows system. First in the list come the instances of intentional deletion. Many times, while removing unwanted files and folders from the system, you end up deleting folders, containing some really important files in them. Until the time you realize the mistake, your important files are already gone.

After accidental deletion, the most prominent cause behind file deletion is the virus or malware infection. Apart from this, file system corruption, operating system malfunction and contradiction with newly installed applications also result in the deletion of files at times. Moreover, there are also issues related to the deletion of entire Windows partition.

In case of deletion of files or partition, Windows operating system removes all entries of the deleted data from the system hard drive. The spaces allocated to those deleted files are declared free and if you save any new file onto the disk, those free spaces can be assigned to them.

Luckily, Windows never erases the content of deleted files from the hard drive. The content of those deleted files remain in the hard drive memory, until they are being overwritten by some new files. Thus, if you can take measures not to use the drive after deletion, all your deleted files and partitions can be easily recovered using any Windows data recovery software.

These deleted data recovery software incorporate powerful techniques to recover deleted Windows data by successfully reading the lost entries. These software even recover the completely deleted Windows partitions and the data from them. Most importantly, these data recovery software implement completely read-only recovery processes and retrieve deleted data in their original format. Above all, these utilities come with highly interactive graphical user interfaces and simple to use.

About The Author:

Oliver is a software evangelist who loves to explore the latest happenings in tech world. Right now, he is working with Stellar Data Recovery Software, an award winning hard drive recovery company offering powerful data recovery software and services to clients worldwide.