Best Place To Buy Used Cell Phones Online

Buy Used Cell Phones Online

bestplacetobuyusedcellphonesonlineThe new iPhone 5S has just come out and you’re looking for a buy used cell phone site online. However you are met with the usual high prices and craigslist flakes when dealing locally. Not only is it time consuming to find a quality cell phone or windows phone that isn’t going to suddenly break on you, but its also somewhat risky at the same time. There are the usual ways of acquiring used cell phones online, however there are also some not-so-usual ways that can truly lead to a much better price and combined buying experience!

With the rise in smartphone and overall cell phone use, many individuals resort to getting their devices off-contract. The best part about this, is that you won’t be tied to a 1-2YR contract that can only be broken by costly termination fees. If your going to go this route, your device will be less expensive, but you will be tied! If you’re looking to get a used cell phone off contract, there are some excellent websites that you may have not seen before.

The 2 best websites to buy used cell phones online and off-contract: — This website is just like many other websites, but their prices are much more affordable. In fact many of the prices are below eBay’s overall asking price. With this being said, its a great place to acquire a used cell phone and not get your wallet hurt. TechNak offers a return policy that is superior to eBay, and also has great reviews on Facebook from real people. Not only this, but TechNak also offers free guidance in getting your smartphone working on the carrier that it was meant to be working on. If you purchase a Straight Talk iPhone for example, TechNak will aid you in the process of making it work with the web, MMS, and other functions that you will need working after you purchase the cell phone. TechNak, is BBB accredited and PayPal verified with PayPal buyer protection also. This makes TechNak another great website to checkout in anyone’s search for used cell phones.

BeeZid — Penny bids haven’t been the most advertised method on buying electronics or cell phones, however the fact is that many people are getting great deals on used cell phones online via penny bid websites. Other websites that also serve the same purpose are quibids, and BidCatcus. There may also be others. These websites let you buy bids and then you use those bids to purchase items by bidding and winning. It is however somewhat deceiving if you don’t understand exactly how it works and understand your risks. For example if you’re buying a used cell phone online and you decide to go the penny bids method, you would buy $100 dollars worth of bids. Then you used these 100 bids to bid on items. If for some reason you don’t win, your bids are then wasted, and with that, your money. It is a buying method that should be taken with utmost precaution. If your wanting to do this, do some research and find out exactly how you will ensure a deal. Some people that I know myself however have got some great deals, but it can be risky.

Craigslist — This is a great way to buy a used cell phone if your wanting to not conduct your transaction online. You simply need to search in your area on When you have found a phone that you want to buy, simply contact the seller. There are some scams that occur online on Its important that you take precautions and make sure that you are dealing face to face. Never buy a item requiring a payment on craigslist. Craigslist is for local dealings only. Always check the cell phones ESN number. This is a Electronic Serial Number that identifies each cell phone that was ever produced. If the cell phone you want to buy was ever reported lost or stolen with their company, it could result in a blacklisted ESN, or EMEI. In this case, you will have wasted all your money. Also make sure to meet in a public place and never hand the cash to the person without seeing the cell phone and knowing that you are about to participate in a legitimate transaction.


There are many ways to buy a used cell phone online. Some include eBay, Penny Bid websites, Craigslist, and then websites like It all depends on how much work you want put into getting a good deal. TechNak is a great place to buy used cell phone online. They offer a more reliable and safe experience. The price also seem to be much more reasonable than other auction style outlets like eBay or penny bids. If your willing to take the risk of getting scammed on Craigslist, or via an unknown seller on eBay that is a risk you take, but if you want to purchase your used cell phone via a reputable company, choose

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