Best Duplicate MP3 Finder – The Easy Way to Find and Remove Duplicate MP3 Files

twinsIt is very annoying to have many duplicate songs in library, computer, iTunes, iPods and MP3 players. Music lovers download and copy audio files occasionally and duplicate songs are often scattered in their music library, on mp3 players, iTunes,iPods and iPhones. This issue is not only annoying, but it costs a lot of disk space and cleaning unwanted songs can gain you gigabytes of free space and keep you music collection organizes.

Which is the best duplicate MP3 finder?

Choosing a duplicate finder software is a risky task as if you use a terrible one you might end up deleting valuable data that should not be removed. To remove redundant songs with confidence you should carefully choose the proper tool first.

I will guide you here which critical elements you should look for when comparing different audio duplicate finders in order to choose the one that will do the best job and help with the disk cleanup process.

File Comparison Method

Computers are precise machines based on precise science and math, so finding similar stuff is not what they can easily do even though it is pretty simple for a human. A good duplicate music finder tool should perform a real audio analysis and recognize duplicates in multiple file formats regardless whether they are marked with tags or not. The duplicate search algorithm is the key factor in judging the quality of a Duplicate MP3 Finder.

Standard duplicate file finders that use CRC32, MD5 and byte-by-byte algorithms are nice when you need to find duplicate file that are 100% identical, but for similar audio files they will not quite do the job. Such tools work very fast, but are capable of identifying only exact duplicates. What you should look for is a tool that can find similar files too as even if you files sound exactly the same, if they are stored in different file format a standard duplicate finder will fail to identify them. Usually a tool that can perform audio comparison based on similarity will be capable of finding exact duplicates too using one or more of the methods listed above.

Duplicate Songs Report

Not all duplicate audio finder tools provide a detailed information about the duplicate files. A tool should be able to list file name, location, quality, length, file size and similarity percentage compared to the other files in the duplicate group.

A built-in audio preview is a must while reviewing duplicate song as listening to them in an external player will be time consuming.

You should choose a tool that provides a detailed report after the scan is finished as that will help the most when you need to choose the worst copies of a song and delete them.

Duplicate File Resolution

Many duplicate Music file finders provide only the option to delete in order to get rid of the duplicate songs. Make sure that there are more options to deal with the duplicate music files that are found. You should look for a flexible one with options to move duplicate files in order to make a backup in other folder or disk until you decide whether to remove them permanently or not. Other options that you should require are in-application rename, play with the associated program, explore file location, moving files by preserving folder tree and so on.

After a thorough comparison using the guidelines above you should be able to choose the best duplicate MP3 finder tool that suits your need. It is as simple as that.

If you still can not make up your mind you can try try the duplicate mp3 finder that I am using for years now. It meets all the guidelines that I have pointed above and even more and I use it on removable drives and devices and network locations in order to keep my music folders organized. The company that develops that tools is specialized in duplicate finders and provides also a very nice duplicate image finder that works in a similar way.