Best Business Programs for Windows 8

Microsoft has released a public report in classic Windows 8 style. The report details 100,000 active apps have been uploaded to the Windows Store and 175,000 apps are active in the Windows Phone Store. The Phone Store has seen 2 billion downloads of apps and games in 2012.

App stores are major entities in modern business, as we are all starting to realize. The following apps and programs illuminate the widespread use, and accessibility we have to excellent business programs which enhance our bottom line:

1. EverNote

EverNote is a note keeping app, but it offers so much versatility. The EverNote Business option is a presentable platform for business-based organizing and sharing. According to its site, the program allows users to display information in a presentation mode, and skip the tedious process of converting anything to PowerPoint for visual aid. Access the program anywhere without requiring an online connection. Sticky boards and multiple access points allow a creative team to add tasks, engage others with ideas, and seamlessly share content live and immediately, as detailed on the EverNote features page.

The EverNote company has also released a handful of enticing accessories to compliment the program, including a slim leather wallet, a laptop driver sleeve, and a note holder. On a technical level, the company provides an EverNote scanner to seamlessly scan physical items into the EverNote platform, and a special stylus for tablets which allows you to easily write in items on the EverNote service.

2. Skype

Skype users spend 2 billion minutes every single day on Skype, details Microsoft. It allows for instant communication, free web cam usage, and group video calls for up to 10 people. For businesses, the service is absolutely vital to establish affordable long distance communication.

Skype Premium offers mobile and landline calls for extremely competitive rates, as reported on the Skype About Us page. Once Skype embraced voIP phone services into the system, it has covered all companies using IP-based phone systems with its low rates and Skype Business features, details ZDNet.

3. Intuit ‘QuickBooks’

Tax preparation is a necessary component of effective small business practice. offers the QuickBooks platform, which provides pre-printed payroll forms such as a 940 or 941, and helps you create invoices with a single click, access detailed cash flow statements, and review balance sheets in great detail, as Intuit’s website notes.

The QuickBooks for small business is $12.95 a month for the Simple Start, $26.95 a month for the Essentials platform, and $39.95 a month for the Plus. All options function for your desktop and mobile device. The Plus offers 1099 preparation and product inventory tracking, as detailed on the QuickBooks product line-up.

4. PDF Touch

Website Optimization reports on the popularity of the PDF file format. They argue that PDF is the easiest way to display sometimes intricate information for printing and review. Most PDF readers are free, and they cannot be edited, which only enhances their popularity for those displaying and transferring information.

The PDF Touch tool allows users to annotate, mark, and then resend PDF files with relative ease. Instead of printing them out, marking notes, and faxing them back, users can underline, cross out, and add quote passages to the text without ever devaluing the original PDF document, according to