The Best Browser for Windows: Chrome 25 or IE 10?

If you are using Windows on your computer, it is important that your browsing operating system yields you faster results when browsing through the internet. This makes choosing the right browser to use for your Windows computer very valuable in order to give you much convenience and better efficiency for your browsing performance and browsing speed needs. Internet Explorer 10 has just been released by Microsoft, almost just as close on the release date of Google for its Chrome 25. Looks like Windows users are provided with two powerful browsers as options to use for their Windows 7. So, which one is the best? It takes quite a lot of understanding about the different features available for these two browsers in order to come with a conclusive insight on which is the best browser for Windows between Chrome 25 versus Internet Explorer 10.

Installation process

The installation process of both the Chrome 25 and IE 10 are equally smooth, straightforward and convenient. They can be downloaded instantly from their own respective websites because the browsers are already pre-installed on Windows computer. The time it takes for downloading them will often depend upon your internet connection which may take as short as 30 seconds. IE10 however will require you to reboot your computer in order to fully integrate the browser updated features while the Chrome 25 will only require a simple closure of your browser. The downside with IE10 is that it is only compatible with Windows 7 and 8 while the Chrome 25 is highly compatible with Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X.

Software update

Both the Chrome 25 and IE 10 will perform an automatic update on Windows. As you re-launch the program the new software update is already integrated on your browser and the new features are readily available for its users.

Design and interface

Both the IE 10 and Chrome 25 try the minimalist approach in designing their browsers. This is understandable because the ultimate goal is to offer web users an easy to use interface for web browsing. Chrome 25 provides a lean address bar configured to perform the function of a search box as well. It comes with a two-bar layout where you can find all the features you need for navigation as a default setting that you can easily customize in order to eliminate tabs that you don’t really need. You can easily bookmark sites by directly clicking on the star found on the right side of the search bar hassle-free. IE 10 on the hand comes with the same address bar that also function as a search bar. Its tabs however are somewhat cluttered but it is not really worrisome unless you tend to use several tabs when using the browser. It comes with the same simple star to click on for bookmarking sites found in the Chrome 25.


Speed tests that were done to compare Chrome 25 and IE 10 revealed the result that Chrome 25 performs faster and better than the IE 10. The speed tests were done on different platforms and it appears that Chrome 25 also runs faster and better in other desktop platforms aside from Windows and is also more compatible with HTML5 than IE10.

Features and perks

Chrome 25 has special features on its browser such as the Google Instant that provides you instant result on your search as soon as you type what you are looking for from the browser. It also has the Instant Pages feature where Google will preload a page which it believes to be related to your searches. It also pre-loads certain sites just as you begin typing your search which instantly shows them as soon as you click on the auto suggestion feature from the search box. The browser also comes with a PDF reader that is built in on the browser and other extension features that aim to improve your web browsing experience. The Chrome 25 is also fully integrated with an API that allows for a scripted speech output and support input for dictations, forms and device control. It is the only browser that supports an Adobe Flash built in feature on a browser.

Internet Explorer 10 completely made a deep integration and optimization of its features for the Windows operating system. You can still preview the individual tab from the task bar which is a feature already available in the IE9 but turning tabs into a new window loads faster with IE10. A unique feature of the IE10 is the Site Pinning. You can pin a particular website directly on your Windows task bar. But it is more than just a pinned website on your taskbar. It provides highly customizable click menus on the pinned website such as directly viewing its pages.

Emerging Best Browser for Windows

There is no doubt that Google Chrome 25 gets a lot of advantageous features than the IE 10 in terms of speed and extra features that can be enjoyed when using Windows OS for browsing. With all the “instant” features that are integrated with Chrome 25, it is every web browser user’s delight to use such a powerful and highly performing web browser that is further optimized with extra features to make your browsing experience a lot better.

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