The Benefits of Online Gaming

Playing games is one of the most popular pastimes around the world. Many choose to read books or magazines in their spare time, others might play sports of some kind – or a variety of sports – and others unwind by spending quality time with their loved ones. Gaming, however, is something almost everyone spends time doing even if they’re not completely aware that they are in fact “a gamer.”

To many, gaming is the sort of activity you have to spend 25-hours each day doing if you want to be classed as a proper ‘gamer’, investing in all kinds of headsets and equipment to help with the whole game playing experience. To others, however, it’s just about finding a spare hour to sit down and play something to help you relax a little and stay entertained on a quiet, dull, rainy afternoon at home.

Thanks to developments with the Internet, however, the gaming experience has changed forever with all kinds of games now available for users to play. Some require payment to participate in, others are absolutely free, many are aimed at beginners looking to fill some time on their lunch break and others are designed to keep numerous people in different countries around the world entertained at one time.

But aside from opening doors to a wider community, what benefits are there to playing games online as opposed to playing on a more traditional gaming platform, like a PlayStation or Nintendo Wii?

Live chats provide useful hints and tips

A lot of online gaming sites have added live chat features to the actual game window, meaning that players are able to communicate with each other without having to leave the game itself. This means that you can pick up plenty of useful information such as how to reach the next level, how to kill the dragon at the end or, in the case of online casino games – something that have become increasingly popular in the last few years – advice on when to gamble and when to get out with your finances intact, (the Internet has a wealth of information on the subject of online gaming and  the best and worst sites, so it’s worth searching before you spend or gamble any of your money playing any game by the way).


When you buy a console game, you’re restricted in terms of access because you can only play it on that platform. However, with online games, you can access them on your computer at home, your laptop or tablet computer on the way to work, or on your smartphone. The recent advancements in technology have made games much more widely available, and devices that use “apps” mean that you can download games and play them as and when you want to.


Games bought and played online are also regularly updated. Some games have extra levels or stages added at a later date in the form of updates, similar to those you’re informed of on your smartphone, which means that in many cases the game doesn’t end! Console games are limited to what you buy in the store so once you’ve finished it, you play again or put it on the shelf.