Benefits of Cloud Computing for Companies

Every company irrespective of its sector or scale looks for maximizing its profits and minimizing the losses and expenses. Cloud computing and hosting technology provides just that. Although it doesn’t reduce losses, but it works significantly in bringing down the communication expenses among others. But let’s first look at cloud technology and answer the following question:

What is cloud technology?

Cloud technology provides a platform which enables the storing and running of applications on a huge scale to all over the world. It works as a huge hard disc which saves vast amount of information while at the same time acts like a processor for it also enables the control and running of many apps and granting permissions from anywhere on the earth, to anybody on the earth seeking it, irrespective of the fact if you have that information saved in your computer or not. It’s so vast that it can save in itself all the digital libraries, multitudes of encyclopedias and everything else.

How does cloud technology benefit business houses?

The following list highlights some of the ways by which any business house can benefit from the cloud services:

1. More office space:

At a time when land prices are skyrocketing, this cloud technology comes as a boon for many, for an effective use of this service results in a lot of free space in terms of office room allotments. Due to the services that cloud technology provides, the firm is free from allotting personal rooms to IT departments and the server rooms.

1. Decrease in hiring costs:

Huge expenses are saved in a firm if they avail the cloud services because they now they do not have to hire a team of IT experts and trouble-shooters. All of their communication needs and applications are provided by the cloud service and any sort of problems if encountered are handled by the technical team of the cloud service providers and not the availing firm, thereby saving a lot of money in employee salaries and resource allocations.

2. Easy accessibility

One of the most significant attribute of cloud hosting is that any data once uploaded on it, can be used and accessed from any part of the world using only a stable internet. Via this facility, the firm doesn’t have to worry about granting permissions or making some data available to employees or not. With just a user id and password, every authorized personnel can access and make use of the stored data.

3. Safe from Crackers:

The cloud technology is very secure in the sense that numerous safety levels and firewalls are applied over it which makes the hacking of any data by any unauthorized user a very difficult task. Hence, the company doesn’t have to worry about the classified information and other sensitive data of the company being at the cloud storage.

4. Extra savings:

The companies availing the cloud facilities also save a lot of money in their tele-communication needs as the calling; messaging and other video conferences can be made use of at very reasonable prices, which are very less compared to the conventional telephony system rates.


The merits mentioned above are just a few among various other features which can significantly reduce a firm’s expenditures and provide the best cloud services to them. Cloud technology services are indispensable for not only start-ups but also for all other organizations and firms.

Author Bio:

Andrei ‘Macsin – Group Editor at MyRealData spends a significant amount of his time punching ‘keys at the keyboard and writing about the latest in cloud computing and QuickBooks hosting. When not writing, he prefers to devour various technological magazines and reading fiction.