Infographic: Behind the Numbers with Twitter

numbersbehindtwitterBehind the numbers with Twitter shows exactly how and why the social networking website has grown and become such a huge hit over the years. There are essentially oceans of tweets, which means metaphorically, there are a lot of fish in the sea. At the end of the day, only a few are able to keep afloat. Take a look at the stats behind the popular social networking site to understand what all of this means.

Every second or every day, there are tweets being composed by people all around the world. On a daily basis, there are 135,000 new Twitter accounts being created. This means there are 1.5 Twitter accounts created and registered every second. The number of tweets that are made every day come to a whopping 58 million, which equates to 9,100 tweets per second. Finally, there are 2.1 billion searches on Twitter on a daily basis, otherwise known as 24,000 searches per second.

To keep afloat on your metaphoric canoe, there are some trending tools that will help you. Hashtags are a good start. They are Twitter’s way of taking hold of a trending topic, which shows up in the user’s search results. The goal is to garner as many followers as you can with these hashtags. A potential reach is generally the number of followers you can gain as a result of utilizing hashtags.

There are hashtags for every day of the week. Perhaps the most commonly known one is #FF, which stands for Follow Friday. This is what is used on Twitter when a user wants others to follow a certain person, people or organizations, brands, websites or anything else on Twitter. Monday’s hashtag is #ManCrushMonday, where you share tidbits, photos and links or your current man crush. Tuesday is #transformationTuesday, where you share the differences between new and old. Wednesday’s hashtag is #waybackWednesday, Thursdays are Throwback Thursday hashtag day on Twitter, where you share your memories and photos of yesteryear. Saturday is the day to generally discuss all things related to Saturday in the hashtag #Saturdays, and Sunday is #selfieSunday, where you talk about yourself or your products and services.

Twitter has gained a huge amount of popularity largely due to hashtags. The statistics of hashtags are astonishing as they can reach hundreds of millions of Twitter users every single day.

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Source: – Your Guide to a Degree