Backing Up Files Now Avoids Tears Later

Losing hours of home video, hundreds of family photos and long pages of painstakingly researched schoolwork or paid work to do is unfortunately something that all too many people go through unnecessarily. Sometimes that lost media can be recovered, but it’s a time consuming and expensive process. Much better to circumvent the whole experience by making sure to periodically back up important files. It’s easy to do and can save money and heartache.

There are a couple ways files can be backed up. Smaller files can be burned onto a data DVD for storage, which avoids any potential electrical or technological failure. Then there’s buying a hard drive specifically for the purpose of backing up files, media and even preferred computer settings. This is the most thorough method of backing up and can mean having the peace of mind that absolutely everything is saved if a computer crashes. However just like computers, hard drives have been known to fail.

A popular method of backing up files now is utilizing a websites where important files and media can be stored, eliminating the need for additional equipment at all. The benefit of this method is that these files can then be accessed from anywhere, and all files and media are safely stored offsite in case of fire or robbery. There is also the additional security of a password, which DVDs and hard drives do not generally require.

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This author encourages everyone to use online backup for your computers.