Back to Vista

 A couple of days ago I wiped my Windows 7 RC1 installation and went back to Vista. It’s not because I was having any troubles with Windows 7; far from it, I was really getting used to it. I had installed a beta AV program that I had volunteered to test and it was causing all sorts of problems. The toolbar it installs in Internet Explorer caused IE8 to crash every time I started it, just to mention one major annoyance. I know beta software has bugs, but a beta on a Release Candidate (which was a supported scenario by the AV company) was just not working out. The thing is, I have no dedicated PC to test software with, everything is done on my trust Dell laptop. So, needless to say, I have everything backed up and wiping a Windows partition is not a big deal anymore.

Now that I am back on Vista, I notice how easier it was to do tasks in Windows 7. Especially file management. I may stick with Vista until they release another RC, or failing that, wait until Windows 7 RTM’s in late July (release to manufacturing) and the code is locked (or ‘goes gold’).

For those of my readers that have not tried Windows 7 and wonder if they should upgrade, I would respond with an unqualified ‘YES’. I think you will like it much better than Vista. Of course, if you are comfortable with Vista, stick with it, but I really don’t see anybody regretting upgrading to Windows 7 in the long run. If your PC runs Vista fine, it should run Windows 7 fine. XP users may need to check their system requirements to be sure that it can handle Vista/Windows 7 needs.

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