Finding an Address on the Internet – How the DNS System Works


You key a domain name into the box at the top of your browser, press ‘enter’ and, out of all the billions of websites on the world-wide-web, you are taken almost instantly to the one you want. Magic? Sort of… very simple magic! Here’s how the DNS system works.

Why Windows Operating System Is Better Than Android


Microsoft Windows 8.1 is often not the first choice of tablet users when it comes to choosing a friendly platform. Often, technology users are either purchasing iPad or Android tablet that seems to be a convenient option. However you might change your mind when you go through some valid reasons mentioned here in favor of Windows 8.1.

Password Mania, What to Do With All These User Accounts!

password security

The average person uses at least one email account and at least one social media account (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and others). While most people may not consider themselves to be “power users” a lot of people use more than one email account and they use multiple products and services on the Internet on a regular basis. In fact the average person usually has 22 or more user accounts on the Internet!