Microsoft’s Surface Pro 3 Tries to Prove It’s Time to Replace Your Old Conventional Laptops

microsoft tablet

Boasting a sharp 12 inch display, Microsoft’s Surface Pro 3 tries to further reduce the gap between conventional laptops and tablets. Its core purpose being a tablet is portability but without sacrificing performance and horsepower needed to run modern applications seamlessly. The combination of the hardware and touch-focused Windows 8 makes Surface Pro 3 a … Read more…

Computer Recycling: Things To Do Before Recycling Your Devices


Computer data is very sensitive; therefore, you should be very careful when recycling your device.To guide you through here are steps that you should follow to ensure that you safely recycle your computer. Backup your files To avoid losing your information, you should backup your files. In addition to transferring your files to your computer, … Read more…

What Exactly Are Windows Patches and Why Do I Need Them?

Windows Update

We are all familiar with that mildly annoying pop up which proclaims that there are updates available and we have all rolled our eyes and postponed the updates rather than restart our computer, but what are all of these updates and should we even care about them? What Are Windows Updates? These updates, or ‘patches’, … Read more…

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