Windows Phone 101: Fake apps

windows 8 phone

Apps are an integral part of all smartphones, regardless of the platform you use. Without them, our devices would be more or less useless. The issue with apps however is that because they are necessary, malicious people develop fake apps that they then try to get on to app stores. If say a Windows Phone […]

Are Duplicate Music Files Bad for Your PC’s Health?

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PCs allow us to store music and organize songs in different folders. These folders consume huge disk space and often become messy. Files get disorganized due to inevitable duplication. Duplicate music tracks in Windows and iTunes application in Microsoft Windows need to be removed to make computer less prone to sluggishness and data corruption. Here […]

Microsoft in 2015: Get Ready for Windows 10!

Just when you thought things were great, they have gotten even better! The January 21st launch of Windows 10 has taken all of us to new levels in both business and personal computing, and promises to be an exciting adventure for all of us. Geared more toward mobile and cloud computing, Microsoft execs clearly state […]

De-clutter Your Desktop

Want to tidy up your desktop? Here are six tips on how you can get your desktop more organized and even reduce virtual clutter too.

The App and the Browser

Until the relatively recent influx of multi-purpose mobile devices, users would normally have to connect to the internet through a local wireless connection or Ethernet cable, normally on their laptop or desktop computer. However in 2008, phone developers began designing a series of functionalities available on mobile devices known as Mobile Applications.

WonderFox DVD Ripper Speedy Overview

WonderFox DVD Ripper Speedy is a totally FREE program, which provides the best solution to quick back up your DVD collection. It is easy to use and has a friendly and intuitive interface, even if the novice program user can navigate it with ease. Now, with WonderFox DVD Ripper Speedy, everyone can experience ultra fast speed to backup DVD collections and still preserve high output quality!

Bootstrapping Custom Application Setup with Microsoft ClickOnce Installer

Microsoft ClickOnce is a deployment technology that provides a platform for deploying Windows-based applications with self-updating functionality in an online installer. The ClickOnce deployment strategy addresses the two major requisites for the Windows-based applications, 1. Online installer that can be downloaded and run with minimal user interaction. 2. Auto-updating application. The support for creating, publishing, […]

Windows XP Death Notice

Windows xp

A couple of days ago Microsoft announced that one of the March patches for Windows XP would alert users on every 8th each month that the product is beyond end of support data which causes a security risk. We had a chance to hear a lot of funny comments on how XP is not upgradeable […]

Windows XP: Don’t Leave It Too Late

Windows XP Bliss

On the 8th of April 2014, Microsoft is ending support for Windows XP.  Does this mean that it will stop working?  Does it mean you’ll be forced to upgrade? Does it mean that you’ll find yourself at the mercy of both malware and viruses? On the 9th of April XP will not stop working; it […]

5 Ways Cloud Computing Helps In Enabling BYOD

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Bring your own device is the latest trend to hit the corporate world and has really gained storm over the last few years. The reason for it to be such a hit lies in the capability of the concept to reduce the company’s expenditure. The other big positive going in favor of the BYOD is […]

BYOD+Cloud Computing-A Dream Team

It doesn’t matter if you’re eating somewhere with family or hanging out with friends-You are never away from work all thanks to the partnership of the cloud with the new BYOD [Bring Your Own Device] strategy.

Benefits of Cloud Computing for Companies

Every company irrespective of its sector or scale looks for maximizing its profits and minimizing the losses and expenses. Cloud computing and hosting technology provides just that. Although it doesn’t reduce losses, but it works significantly in bringing down the communication expenses among others. But let’s first look at cloud technology and answer the following […]

5 Advantages Students Can Get From Windows

student on Windows laptop

Everything that students need in school can be accomplished with the help of a computer with a convenient operating system. According to research, Windows is still the most favored OS by students until today. This is because of the following benefits Windows provides. User-friendly Windows is very known to be user-friendly. Any student even the […]

Top 10 Windows Phone Apps for Students For Language Learning

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Windows phones are making a comeback now that the Windows 8 operating system is up and running, and that means more apps will be created to meet demand. If you are a language student then the apps listed below are going to be very useful for you. Here are ten of the top Windows apps […]

PC Or Smartphone? How Customers Are Finding Car Dealerships Now

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Over 196 million people in the U.S. have a driver’s license; 250 million have mobile phones (with over half of them using, specifically, a smartphone). Moreover, 80 percent of the 18-34 demographic use smartphones. While certainly all car buyers don’t fall into that 18-34 demographic, many who aren’t that age have drivers in their lives […]

How To Manage Bring Your Own Device in the Workplace

various workplace devices

Many people have access to their own portable devices, and this is fostering a very personal way in which we work. But how exactly should this be adopted into the workplace? BYOD or Bring Your Own Device to work is becoming increasingly important for many startups and small businesses. This is mainly because it’s seen […]

Why Windows Desktop Systems May Never Be Obsolete

Over the past few years, many bloggers have mentioned how desktop computing is a dying style and that mobile technology is the wave of the future. Although mobile technology has made a great impact on the world and desktop sales have been lulling due to this, desktop computing in general may never be as obsolete […]

Why The Ultrabook Failed


Intel came up with the idea of ultrabooks, announcing this new concept in the year 2011. These new high-end subnotebooks were to have certain improvised features, which would involve reducing the bulk of the device, in terms of weight, without affecting its performance and battery life in a negative way. This interesting concept of the […]

5 Ways Cloud Hosting Helps To Keep Your Files Safe

cloud security

Ensuring safety of client information is among the most significant challenges faced by businesses and firms, and they leave no stones unturned when it comes to securing this data. Businesses handling large volumes of client data, especially involving banking and other financial information require elaborate arrangements to safeguard this sensitive information. However, days when such […]