Are you Interested in Internet Explorer 9?

Microsoft had made an Internet Explorer 9 Platform Preview available on its “test drive” website:

Normally, I would not post about pre-beta versions of new software since they tend to be very buggy and not always easy to uninstall. However, there is likely to be quite a bit of buzz about IE9 and I wanted to post some caveats about this release:

  1. it is not a full-fledged browser. It is intended for the use of Web developers so they can get a first-hand look at new technologies.
  2. there is no address bar or Back button. Again, this release is not to be used for daily web browsing.
  3. there will be a public beta once development of IE9 has progressed to the point to where it can be released as such. Still, I caution against trying beta software, especially Internet Explorer since it is so tightly integrated into Windows itself.

The above is taken from the FAQ on IE9 here.