Anti-Virus Avira’s New Update Leads to PC Crashes

An anti-virus is supposed to safeguard your Personal Computer and Laptop from external danger but what happens when that twirls over and does exactly what it’s supposed to refrain? That’s Avira’s new crash and has created quite a stir in its users.

Avira’s new service pack issued for computer safety destroyed uncountable number of computers and created disaster for many individuals. According to one consumer, the effect this service pack did to his company was cataclysmic and Avira could be a target for a certain number of lawsuits.

As the story follows; Avira’s users when bought the service pack and downloaded the software in their computers their computers crashed leaving nothing behind. According to Avira’s sources they have apologized for the great inconvenience caused by them and later employed their technology in trying to update the software to cancel out any future outages.

As technology user’s dig deeper to find out what Avira’s service pack was actually doing to commence computer crashes the knowledge is quite devastating. When the service pack was installed it required an update to ProActiv, a monitoring system that tried to look out for apprehensive activities in the background and also refrain from any malware attack by warning the computer users about the possible threat. When PC and laptop user’s download the new upgrade it was found that ProActive started blocking every possible executable file in Windows causing every application to falter and not launch. ProActiv also caused Windows files to block themselves and hence causing the operating system to falter and crash.

Consequentially Avira’s users weren’t very happy with this problem. A customer stated that he used Avira’s services since the creation of his company but after experiencing the fault he wouldn’t renew his license and would shift to other anti-virus vendors.

Considering Avira; the protector of computers and their content caused something so devastating for its users that even malicious content and spyware couldn’t match was quite detrimental. Many current users might think twice about restoring their service back with Avira and in case users are looking for getting new anti-virus software’s they would rather turn to developers such as AVG Anti-Virus and Avast.

Although Avira tried to fix the issue as soon as possible it still created a lot of problems for its customer base and it would be quite difficult to make peace with all the angry consumers. According to Avira’s customer management representative the issue arose in Windows with a 32-bit Premium Suite. Also Avira’s management tried to warn its users about the problem and further tell them that they would fix the bug fix within a few hours.

Avira’s bug fix update might have helped users in saving their PC’s from crashes it still isn’t the most trust-worthy portal for keeping your PC safe. The new update only cancels out the ProActiv feature and considering that is disabled, your security might falter as you wouldn’t receive notifications for formal threats and malware.

Currently Avira is asking its users to shut down their PC’s and Laptop’s and restart them using the Safe Mode. Once they do that they are requested to uninstall their Avira software pack and later start their computer using the normal mode. This would stop your PC from crashing again and safeguard your data but then this would disable your PC’s security and make external prowlers more prone to attacking your PC or laptop and hacking it or sending Malware and other malicious content to your computer.

Avira needs to step up its game as its users aren’t very happy with the software disaster and this could lead Avira towards losing its current customer base.

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