Online Backup & Cloud Storage – A Competitive Analysis

Online storage, especially Cloud Storage, is among the topics of significant impact nowadays. It may be referred as an eminent evolution in technological terms, revolutionizing the structure of the whole I.T industry.

Requirements of a Backup Plan

With an obvious boost in the creation of vast numbers of digital content over the past few years; from edited photos collection, animated videos, and music libraries to confidential documents – all, but a few, are just a hardware crash away from total destruction. Other never-ending eventual treats, for instance, force majeure or unintentional deletion of sensitive data, also have practical possibilities.

Preparation of restore points serves as the key factor behind the deployment of a data recovery plan. Traditionally, it takes pile of tapes and hard disks of extensive capacity to cope up with the business necessities of an organization or even a department. Additionally, most important and expensive costs involve appointing skilled technical personnel capable of adequately maintaining the operations of the data center. Online backup facilitators have core expertise in this domain (disaster recovery), providing customers with the opportunity to enhance their focus and spend more time on their areas of proficiency instead.

Conventional compulsion of upgraded servers, improved storage facilities or supervised data centers are no more mandatory – thanks to storage providers. Considerable fact is that they have a profusion of servers supplemented with additional storage if requisite, fulfilling the requirement to recover from a disaster situation.

Online Backup – A Feasible Solution

Realizing the demand of technological era, marketers have modified the long introduced online backup system with cloud computing. Online data provision and file backup solutions had been around for years. Mozy is a well-known online backup solution provider, successful in gaining customer’s trust and confidence. The most famous solution provider in the market is Carbonite, flourished by uploading itself on several OEM windows systems using online backup. Carbonite thrived in sustaining its high raised performance standards since years.

Their solution is viable to take the online backup hassles away from your routine. The uploaded data is secured on advance processing servers, maintained by skilled technicians and experienced professionals. They provide a convenient and the safest online backup solutions, including feasible data recovery solution to all kinds of business requirements. It is becoming an essential practice to increase the survival of business up to maximum extent and especially aiding the continuation of business operations after a major disaster. It works as the most integral element of a robust business contingency plan.

Cloud Storage – The Perfect Solution

Cloud Computing seems to have brought a dramatic shift in the technological stream.  Services provided by the Cloud are needed to be studied in a detailed manner for developing a better understanding. The concept is similar from online backup; a more appropriate expression to describe the difference would be ‘improved’ or ‘enriched’ services.

Although there are numerous features offered by Cloud Computing, let’s emphasize on cloud storage in comparison to online backup. Cloud Storage presents similar solutions as online backup mechanism, uploading your data to a secure location, to be accessed at any time from anywhere through internet connection. It also provides advance features like folder & data synchronization and sharing of data through authorized permission similar to online backup solution.

The synchronization option allows client to designate files and folders on multiple systems. MiMedia and SpiderOak are offering such services. CrashPlan has a unique feature to upload data at a specified friend’s storage, saving server storage fee. Service providers like SOS online Backup have introduced mobile applications for handheld devices including Androids phones, Tablets, iPhones etc. You can not only access your data online but also enable the feature of sending links of download locations to your contacts.

However, the mechanism of online backup and cloud storage is a bit different. Online backup Services allocate a virtual space on their server and permits you to backup and restore files. Substantially, a portion of your system will be backed up, mostly document and data folders are archived by default. On the other hand, cloud storage synchronizes a portion of your hard disk with online storage. Cloud has the ability to recover workloads. Every creation, alteration and editing are swiftly replicated to storage of the cloud. The prominent feature is that these files are synchronized down to other system linked with the account. Cloud features provide a stress-free way for you to work on your files. They also instantly back up your data automatically.


A negligible up-front provisioning is offered by cloud on unlimited scalability. Neither downtime suffering nor configuration of replacement equipment would affect your work or data. Cloud storage provides you with the ability to maintain continuation even in major catastrophic situations. When it comes to comparing the pricing plans, cloud customers are not required to purchase bundles as pricing is based on the pay-as-you-go model and is very friendly.

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