What are your other choices to Windows 8 and XP?


Microsoft has recently announced that starting from April 8, 2014, it will no longer support XP. Despite this fact, it appears that the majority of individuals are not interested in opting for Windows 8. In reality, a TechRepublic survey has revealed that enterprise XP consumers are not willing to go for Windows 8, so the question is: what other options are there at your disposal for 2014? You will see now five possible alternatives that you should take a look at.

1. Android Tablet

You have to know that a tablet is really useful for certain work purposes, but the thing is it is recommended particularly to data users, and not to data producers. This means that if you need it to surf the internet, check your e-mails and spend your time on social media networks, it can represent a great choice. On the other, if you make websites, put information into a spreadsheet; write ample documents or emails, this no longer represents your ideal option, since the platform can rapidly become really maddening.

2. Mac

Those who are Windows users are not interested at all in hearing about Macs, but the truth is they are excellent PC substitutes. You have the possibility to run a wide array of Microsoft office applications on Macs, for example Outlook and Office for Mac. They may not be the latest variants, but in case you need Microsoft applications, you can have them. What is more, with the help of virtualization software such as Parallels, you are free to run your preferred Windows applications.

Still, the disadvantage is represented by the prices featured by Macs. Besides, you will have to grow accustomed to a different way of performing things.

3. The Linux Desktop

Probably it is not a new thing for you to hear that desktop Linux, more specifically Linux Mint, is way safer than Windows, more stable, and also features a perfect amalgamation of desktop interface and distribution. Plus, it has approximately the same appearance as XP.

The problem is that you will face difficulties when running Windows applications on this platform. Still, no one says that it is impossible to do it, and with the help of the program referred to as Wine, as well as through its commercial embodiment, named Crossover Linux, things become easier.

4. Chrome OS

According to Google, users don’t necessitate a fat-customer desktop (any variants of Mac OS X, the majority of Linux versions, and Windows). It is more than sufficient to have Linux in order to be able to run a system, and the Chrome web browser to do your job. As far as Chrome OS is concerned, it appears that what they say is actually true, since it functions efficiently for a plethora of purposes.

Probably the greatest aspect about Chrome OS, as well as about its chromebook is represented by the fact that it features no learning curve. If you know how to utilize a web browser, you should have no problems in utilizing a chromebook.

In order for you to be sure that this is a good option, do the following thing. Take some time to observe your daily activity, as well as the one of your personnel. If you realize that the majority of their work can be carried out with software-as-a-service (SaaS) apps, like Gmail, as well as like Google Docs, there is no doubt that Chrome OS represents an excellent option for you.

5. Windows 7

Basically, Linux represents the most efficient option, but when it comes to the total cost of ownership (TCO), Chrome OS surpasses all other alternatives. However, if you are committed to Windows, then you should know that Windows 7 represents your best bet. But even so, you should at least take a look at all options. Maybe you will realize that they are suitable for your activity.

Finally, you should take into consideration the fact that sooner or later, Microsoft will wish to make you opt for a Metro-style interface, which is a component of the development of Windows 8. In case this idea doesn’t sound too good to you, then you shouldn’t waste another second and start searching for another option.

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