Five Alternatives to MegaUpload

MegaUpload was the largest file-hosting website on the Internet, and millions of people used it to share files, especially large ones. But the FBI shut it down as part of its investigation into piracy, claiming that MegaUpload was violating copyright laws as members shared things like movies, television shows, and music. While the site was definitely used for pirating purposes, it was also used for completely legitimate file-sharing. Now, millions of users don’t have access to their personal files such as work documents and projects. Another good reason to use a reliable online data backup service for the files you want to have a backup of. If the takedown of MegaUpload has affected you, there are other websites you can use to host and share your important files. Here are five alternatives to MegaUpload you can try.
With a free account on 4Shared, you can upload any type of file and as many as you’d like, up to 10GB total. The maximum size for each individual file is 2048MB. If you have a file that’s larger than 2048MB, you can use the multi-upload feature to upload it in separate parts. If you require more storage, you can upgrade to a Premium account for $9.95 per month. There are discounts available if you purchase three months, six months, or one year at a time. Premium accounts offer a total of 100GB of storage, a 5GB maximum per file, and a faster, ad-free download speed.
RapidShare is one of the best file-hosting websites to use because it allows all users unlimited uploads and downloads, and there is no maximum file size for uploads. It supports all file types. With a free account, inactive files are kept in cloud storage for 30 days. If you upgrade to a RapidPro membership, files are stored for an unlimited amount of time. In addition, RapidPro members will have no waiting time for downloads, and they can transfer 100 percent SSL-encrypted files for added security.
With Fileserve, you can create a free, premium, or even an anonymous account. For free members, there is a storage capacity of 500GB, and the maximum file size is 1GB. Inactive files are stored for up to 60 days. With a premium account that costs approximately 12 cents per day, you can store an unlimited amount of files with no limits. The maximum file size is 2GB. Premium members also benefit from faster download times and simultaneous downloads. All users also have access to the powerful and easy file compression tool, ServeZip.
Minus is a very simple file-hosting service to use. It’s totally free to create an account. You can connect with your Facebook account, or you can create an account without even entering your email address. All users are given 10GB of storage space, and your files are kept forever. Individual files can be up to 2GB each. You can also download and transfer an unlimited number of files. When you want to upload something, just utilize the simple drag-and-drop method and instantly add files from your computer.
With a free account at FilePost, you can store up to 2GB of files. The maximum file size is 2GB for uploads and 1GB for downloads. You can download at a speed of 100MB per hour, and inactive files are stored for up to 30 days. With a Premium account, you will have a higher download speed, and you can store up to 5GB of files. Premium accounts cost $12.95 per month. All accounts are private, and your files can’t be searched for by other members.

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