Allow a Program Through Your Windows Firewall

Windows comes equipped with its very own firewall and sometimes you need to allow a program through your Windows Firewall. This will enable your program to communicate over the internet, usually downloading updates to keep the program running smoothly.

Not all programs should be given free reign through the firewall so use this tip with caution. See these computer safety tips for more information. If you know your way around a computer and are sure that the program you are allowing through your firewall is trustworthy, then please follow these instructions.

How to allow a program through your Windows firewall

Windows XP

Windows 7 and Vista

1. Go to the start menu. Click on control panel.

2. Choose the Firewall icon.

3. A windows firewall dialogue box will open. See the screenshot below.

4. Click on the link on the left that says ” Allow a program of feature through the Windows firewall”.
win 7 firewall

5. Now you will see a list of programs that are allowed through the firewall.

6. Click on the “Allow another program” button to add more programs.

win 7 firewall see programs

Which programs would you allow through your Windows Firewall?