Advantages of Active Directory Management tools over Native MS Active Directory

Contemporary business necessities are not getting fulfilled with the native Microsoft Active Directory in terms of automating management, managing the changes in the AD, etc. These drawbacks led to the incorporation of different tools on every domain controller which becomes more of headache than facility for the administrators. This is because the administrators have to timely monitor if all the software are working as per requirement and additionally the administrators have to learn the user interface of the numerous software that have been implemented.

Reasons that force organizations to implement third-party software over Native MS Active Directory

Native MS Active Directory lacks functionality which is available in contemporary Active Directory management tools available in the market. The AD management tools available are equipped with the functionality of Group management which facilitates admin to create groups in root or any other domain. Additionally, they provide a powerful facility to manage all the OUs be it an Empty OU, Computer only OU, Recently created OU, GPO linked OU, Recently modified OU, User only OU or GPO blocked inheritance OU.  Furthermore, an efficient Active Directory manager has AD queries which are customizable and let administrators to define the queries in their own style and also facilitate them to make changes in the already existing queries for all object type. On the contrary, MS Active Directory excludes these features.

The native MS Active Directory does not lets the admin to edit and view the AD attributes of an object or attribute defined in the schema but an efficacious Active Directory manager tool does. Moreover, the AD manager facilitates the administrator to create a new mailbox in domain of Exchange server, easily check the shell properties of user mailbox and even deletes a user mailbox if required.

Meeting the expectations of the users, Lepide Active Directory Manager (LADM) is an expedient and multifaceted utility which efficiently manages and handles user accounts, reset the passwords, perform configuration of user attributes, enable/disable user accounts. Furthermore, it generates reports which include WMI query, AD query and AD reporting. Moreover, it also allows the user to view the reports on AD objects and save them in various formats. Additionally, with LADM Admin can create, manage and secure groups with special privilege to manage group members i.e. move and copy them from servers and containers. With this tool, the administrators can even create, move, delete or disable the mailboxes and alter the properties of mailbox by setting the custom attributes for a user. Moreover, the user can also set or remove the permissions for any particular mailbox. It is embedded with features to provide AD reporting which includes generation of reports on Active Directory clean up, Network security review, etc.

Furthermore, Lepide Active Directory Manager lets the user to perform directory search and manage computer, user, group, server, OU and schema efficiently and with ease. Click here to read more about Lepide Active Directory Manager.


The native MS Active Directory lack the basic management and reporting functionalities which is the contemporary need for increasing the business productivity and smooth functioning in organizations. However, the incorporation of Active directory management tools does the needful.


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