A Year in Review at WindowsTalk

Free PC Matic ScanOne of the sites I visit regularly and follow on Twitter is Paul Salmon’s Technically Easy (Twitter: @TechnicallyEasy). There is always something interesting to read there, whether it is about technology or blogging. Paul often posts his site’s stats and I always find it insightful. I don’t often look at my stats, particularly over the long run, but Paul’s recent results inspired me to visit my Google Analytics page and compare the past month, October 2011 to October 2010.

I must say Google Analytics is a neat tool to use. You can look at your blog’s stats from many perspectives, but here’s the graph comparing visits in October 2011 to October 2010:

Google Analytics Stats

What a difference a year makes! You can see the October 2010 visits in orange and it is pretty much a flatline; all visits hovering just under 200 per day. In contrast, the October 2011 graph is a bit more ‘active’ to say the least with almost 5X the visitors each day. Page views were up dramatically too, 10X in fact:

October Page Views

What accounted for all this increase? Time and effort, but not only on my part, but from our regular contributors too. Many responded to my call for guest posters here back in August of 2011. My thanks go out to everyone who contributed posts to WindowsTalk! One other major source for getting WindowsTalk noticed in the Windows PC community were the folks at PC Pitstop through their TechTalk blog and newsletter and Tweets. Next to Google, they are my biggest referrer!

Software giveaways are always popular and through Facebook and Twitter the word gets around that some great software can be had for free just by posting a comment and re-tweeting about the giveaway. I thank all the software companies that so generously gave out licence codes in return for a little promotion of their products.

Commenting is up too; although I don’t have any numbers on it for comparison. I do recall a time, and not that long ago, that most of my posts would go without a single comment. Now, comments appear within minutes or hours of the article going live. Just amazing, I wish I could respond to each and every one. Rest assured I do read them though.

Well, that’s enough of stats for now. I’m just happy that things are definitely picking up, traffic-wise, here at WindowsTalk. Perhaps I will have a look at November’s stats in early December.