A World Without The Internet

There is no doubt that the majority of people in the world rely on the internet in some way or another.

These days, imagining a world with no internet would be as odd as imagining a world with no trees.

It’s a necessity, an integral part of the lives that we live as part of this generation, something that has fundamentally changed the way that we live.

Often, people muse on how the world would be if the internet had never happened.

So, if the internet had never been born, what would our lives be like?


Without the internet, it would be impossible to communicate with people all around the world in such an immediate way and the world would feel like a much smaller place. There would be no such thing as Facebook, Twitter, Skype or even email. An America with no email would have cost the country £6.3 trillion in stamps alone.


Without the internet, there would be no Wikipedia, or any of the other millions of reputable information sources out there on the World Wide Web. The average price of a set of encyclopaedias in the US would cost £1,200, much more expensive than an internet subscription!

Around 65% of people get their news online and, in one month, there are 30 billion pieces of content shared on Facebook. Without the internet, the acquirement and sharing process of information would be nowhere as near as much or as fast as it is right now.


Since, 2002, the number of internet users worldwide has quadrupled. It is now at approximately 2.3 billion worldwide.

It is a common misconception that the internet has caused a huge loss of jobs for many people around the world, however it is thought that for every job that the internet makes obsolete, it creates 2.6 new jobs – contributing $2.3 trillion to the G-20 nations.

In fact, Facebook has created 450,000 jobs in the USA alone.


Although many may believe that this is one negative aspect of the internet, as it may have had some impact on the decline of the high street, ecommerce is one thing that many people rely on the internet for.

It is now possible to view products in such great detail (and virtually try them on, in the case of fashion), that it is becoming closer and closer to the experience of shopping in reality. 

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