A World Of Benefits – Online Backup

People who have already treaded into the field of online back-up need no introduction to the world of benefits offered by it. For others, it might just seem to be an alternative for conventional backup methodologies, whereas in actuality, it is far more. The advantages are countless and so are the areas that gain from it. By far, it is also perhaps the best cost-effective and convenient back-up solution to have emerged in the cyber world for data protection and security, with good reasons.

A location that is remotely yours, always

Online Backup always stores data remotely, in a separate location. The location however is immaterial in this discussion, since what matters actually is that being remotely stored, the data remains 100% protected thanks to the backup internet technology, safe from any kind of intervention and/or erosion, no matter what kind of disaster strikes the physical computer actually.

In other words, there’s always a backup ready whenever revival is imperative. It is created automatically and routinely, everyday, and a mouse click is enough to bring it back to the desktop, anytime, anywhere, as and when wanted, readily.

No inputs required from client

Once the configuration of the backup is done, the client is not typically required to provide any inputs furthermore. The vendor ensures that it is done automatically and continuously, as and when the user is logged on to the web world.

After every backup, a comprehensive report is generated and subject to request, it is available for examination. The client also enjoys the liberty to determine the time of the day when the backup needs to be made, so that the procedure is not able to affect productivity at any level.

No or low consumable expenses

Online backup solutions cost a small subscription fee, yes, but using this niche of back-up surely helps to save a lot of cost from the procedure of backing up data and info traditionally. Starting from hardware to software, whatever is included in the Online Backup process is covered in the cost paid as the service fees. And no extra expenses are attracted anymore by backup consumables like tapes, disks, DVDs, CDs, streamers etc. The need to purchase equipments that utilize consumables for the purpose is also not there and neither is any money depleted on software that performs back-ups or servers which handle the procedure. To put it simply 60% of the cost incurred before can now be saved.

Superior security

In online backup, files are encrypted with AES 128-bit encryption technology while being transferred across the internet, apart from being sent through a secure connection. By and large, it remains accessible by the client only.

So yes, making Online Backup the support system of your data can extend to you a world of benefits – it will increase your productivity standards, make deployment time speedier and incur reduced upfront expenditures while giving your date 100% protection.

Author David Hamer, works for Securstore, an award winning provider of quality backup solutions using the Asigra product.