A Vacation Without the Internet

Yes, it is true. I have just come back from five days of vacation with zero Internet access, probably the longest I have gone without the ‘Net in ages. Well, I shouldn’t say ‘zero’ because the village library where we were staying had Internet access, so I took less than 5 minutes to check my email to ensure that I wasn’t missing anything important (I wasn’t). So many people expect you to be totally connected these days, either by Internet, or Blackberry or whatever that they find it almost inconceivable that an instant response to their message is not forthcoming.

Well, there are still places in this world where the ‘Net cannot reach. Such as where my rental cottage was situated. Even cell phone reception was spotty. “If you get a signal, don’t move” the folks who owned the cottage told us. On top of this, there was no installed land line at the cottage. We did, however, have indoor plumbing and electricity, fortunately.

We even had satellite TV, which was great for though I am not a big TV watcher, I really like the music channels available on satellite, whether they be actual broadcast stations or music services. I find that music is the one luxury I find it most difficult to live without.

Since I had no Internet access, I could not update WindowsTalk, but now that I am back, things should get back to normal.

How long have you gone without Internet access? Did it affect you adversely?