A Sneak Peek at the Windows 8 Phone and its Marketplace

The mobile industry is definitely dominated by the established mobile platforms like Android and iPhone but Microsoft too has come up with its own Smartphone OS, Windows 7 Phone which is now updated to WP8. This whole new platform brings its own marketplace which promises benefits to the developers who sweat out incessantly creating innovative apps.

The Windows 8 Phone platform has evolved considerably well when compared to its predecessor by having more features, better performance and umpteen opportunities for the app developers. More often, for any software to be accepted, hardware innovation is an absolute necessary and with this WP variant the Smartphone manufacturing partners of Microsoft like Nokia can use their creativity to release the best sophisticated device and this OS will be able to support it at any cost.

The Windows Phone team at Microsoft has kept in mind consumer behavior, developer requirements and the entrepreneur business strategies before it has released the new WP8. This OS is expected to cater to all the needs of its users effectively as the new capabilities are induced from the Windows itself! This aspect ensures all those kinds of features that are specific to the users of all types.

So what can the app developers look out in case of the new Window 8 Phone?

  1. Writing apps for multiple platforms is quicker and easier with WP8 as this platform has the complete support of C and C++.
  2. Game creators too will be overwhelmed to discover that the popular gaming middleware like Havok Vision Engine, Autodesk Scaleform, Audiokinetic Wwise and Firelight FMOD are supported by this mobile OS.
  3. App developers can await some real monetary benefits as WP8 allows in-app purchase strategy which would enable the sale/promotion of software products with the app. This would mean that the revenue generation from Marketplace will be an attractive bonus to the app writers.
  4. App developers can create VoIP apps that could be plugged into the calling feature of the device to receive the internet calls that would be as simple as receiving a traditional telephone call. Thus, internet calling is made more robust and scalable with WP8 platform.
  5. Background multitasking is perfectly amalgamated to this mobile OS and this feature works like wonder while using internet for calling purposes or to track locations.

Windows 8 Phone Apps Store and games:

  1. Apps on the new Marketplace will now be accessible around 180 countries! Microsoft has done it really big in terms of the markets that were initially just 63 when the WP7 was launched. This would provide a bigger opportunity for the developers to cash on their apps, as it will now be facing a larger audience around the globe.
  2. In-app purchase capability in the WP8 is sure a boon to the app developers as this would not only promise a monetary reward for the apps created but will also let them do a business further by selling virtual goods and services within their app! And another amazing feature is that the carriers and the devices will be able to promote your app in their branded marketplace, thus extending the app presence to new places.

Though there is more to the app store and gaming world of the Windows 8 Phone, it is up to the developers to take this mobile platform to the next level so that the consumers find it worthy enough to explore the new kid in the mobile space.

Endeavour’s Windows phone application development teams are already hard at work creating the next generation of game changing applications for the new windows phone platform.

Author Bio:
Lakshmi Balu, works as an in-house SEO consultant for a mobile application development company. She is also interested in developing apps for android and window phone7.