Communicate in Real Time With a Paperless Office

 What company would not want a paperless office or want to reduce the large amount of paper that they use? A paperless office also gives employees access to their electric documents. Ultimately, they save resources by reducing consumption, reduces office rent by saving space, protects intellectual property by organizing and securing and allows easy access to electronic documents.

The holidays are upon us and the need for family event coordination becomes vital to keeping plans straight. For instance, Thanksgiving requires a great amount of foods to be cooked. While there are family members and other guests that are allergic to particular foods, others have different dietary restrictions and numerous people will be cooking. The need to share documents becomes essential so that there aren’t five guests that bring five dishes of green bean casserole.

Likewise, with holiday preparations in the office, coordinating an event to decide on who brings what becomes ever more important as there can be upwards of 30 people bringing odds and ends to make the party a success. Rather than relying on hard copies of lists, an efficient manner of keeping documents in a cloud-based system that can be accessed by anyone with permission and that has Internet access can update information at any time in real time. Updating information in real time allows guests to be prepared in adequate time before the event in an efficient manner. Cloud-based systems save people time, effort and expense so that coordinating vital information can be achieved easily.

A paperless office is an office where information is created, stored, processed and shared in electronic form. The paperless office gets rid of all forms of paper by converting them into digital documents. This can be done by investing in a scanner and document management software (DMS) – the two main components of a paperless office. The scanner captures and converts paper documents into electronic documents which can then be managed and retrieved using document management software.

Paperless office customers are reducing paper usage and taking advantage of document management technology, secure user rights, workflow, search and the ability to access documents from anywhere they can use the internet. There are a number of reasons the paperless office has become increasingly popular in recent years including:

Documents that can be shared through cloud-based systems can be utilized in other ways. For instance, if documents need to be shared between several remote offices or with other parties that need access to the documents, it is possible. An excellent service that provides document-sharing services is Zoho Paperless Office. Accessing documents can be quick, easy and efficient using this system.