A New Look for WindowsTalk

Well, here it is. WindowsTalk.org has taken on a new look and while I am still tweaking things here and there, this is the style I am sticking with for now. What do you think?

Previously, I was using iThemes’ Flexx Professional theme that I had won in a contest at WP Canada. It was a great theme and served me well. I would definitely recommend it to anybody wanting a good, solid WordPress theme.

It was time for a change though.

I wanted more control over individual pages as well as the styling of the overall site without getting overly involved in code. The answer was iTheme’s Builder theme. I stuck with iThemes because of their great support and clean, professional looks. The Builder theme allows for the use of so-called “child” themes. Builder is the foundation, and the child theme is what controls the look of the site. For WindowsTalk, I chose the Blueprint child theme since it was the theme that suited best what I wanted WindowsTalk to look like. I really did not want a theme that was overly flashy or detracted from the content. I also wanted a theme that was easy on the eyes for reading. I hope I have achieved those goals, and as I mentioned earlier, I am still tweaking away.

Let me know what you think about the new look…is there anything you think I need to change? Your comments are invited!