A Look At The Top 10 Fixed IP Address Broadband Deals

Many people choose to get fixed IP addresses for their broadband because it helps them achieve certain goals.  Anytime you want to send pockets of information between devices especially from remote locations, you will need to have a static IP address or be able to assign the dynamic IP address to the software you’re using to complete the process.

Remote Control

A good example is if you want to control your PC in the office or at home from a remote location.  To achieve this you will need the IP address of the device you want to connect to.  If you have a dynamic IP address as with most residential broadband, you will have to have someone tell you what the IP address is that is assigned to the device you’re connecting to.

However, if you are lucky enough to have a fixed IP address, it will remain the same and you’ll be able to remotely access the computer using that address whenever you need to.

Home Uses for Fixed IP Addresses

Even in home use broadband fixed IP addresses can be useful.  Indeed if you enjoy multiplayer gaming, you may well need to set up a gaming server and this is easiest to connect to by other players if you have a static IP address.  Even if you just want to remotely control your home computer, a static IP address will help you achieve this aim.

Now we know a few of the benefits of static IP addresses, let’s have a look at the top 10 broadband deals for business that offer static IP addresses.

Top 10 Broadband Fixed IP Deals

The first offer on our list is BE Broadband Pro.  This costs £13.50 per month and comes on a 12-month contract with unlimited downloads.  BE Broadband is a very fair broadband provider and offer truly unlimited broadband on their unlimited packages.  With the package you’ll receive a free wireless router, a static IP address, and upload speeds of up to 2.5Mbps.  These upload speeds as with most broadband for business packages are better than on residential broadband where you might only get half a megabit per second.

The second offer on our list is BE Unlimited.  This is slightly cheaper than the previous offer at £11 per month.  Again it comes with a 12-month contract, unlimited downloads, and up 16Mbps speed.  You get unlimited usage and a free wireless router.

Our third offering is from TalkTalk Business and is called The TalkTalk Business Broadband Package.  It costs £10 per month and again comes with unlimited downloads but a slightly faster speed at up to 17Mbps.  The 24-month contract includes a free wireless router, 1GB of web space, a domain name, a static IP address, and 20 e-mail addresses.  A relief to many will be the fact that you access a UK based call centre for your customer service, which for anyone who has experienced the TalkTalk call centres of the past in India, you will know how frustrating they can be.

Our next offerings come from BT Business. They are the BT Business Unlimited Broadband, phone line and calls, and the BT Business basic broadband, phone line and calls.

The first option comes at £32 per month with a 24-month contract, unlimited downloads, and 17Mbps speeds.  You get 500 UK landline minutes and unlimited Wi-Fi access to the BT network.  The router costs £59 but is included in the price is your line rental.

The basic broadband package comes with 500 UK landline minutes included and your wireless access as well.  Line rental is included as is a wireless £59 yet router, again.  With this package you will spend £27 per month and will be tied in to a 24-month contract.  This package is not for those looking for a heavy package as it only comes with 10GB of data per month.

Our next four deals come from Eclipse which makes up the top ten business broadband deals.  These deals vary in price based on the allowance of data you get monthly.  The bottom end package is the Eclipse home broadband and calls 10GB package which costs £25, comes with eight free static IP addresses, voicemail, UK customer service, and line rental included.  It is an 18-month contract up to 16Mbps speeds and 10GB of data per month.  It is therefore a fairly light package.

The Eclipse Home Broadband and Calls 20GB Cap package comes with a 20GB data allowance, and therefore is a light to medium user broadband package.  Again it has eight free static IP addresses up to 16Mbps speeds, and 18-month contract and costs £33 per month.

The Eclipse Home Broadband and Calls 50GB package is £38 and comes with an 18-month contract requirement and with speeds up to 16Mbps. It is an ADSL connection and again, you receive the same as with the previous Eclipse packages in terms of fixed IP address allocation.

The next package is the Eclipse Unlimited Home Broadband Solution which is an excellent home or business broadband solution.  It comes with the eight free static IP addresses, it costs £46 a month and has an 18-month contract. It delivers up to 16Mbps speeds and of course is unlimited broadband.  With all the Eclipse offers you’ll receive a free wireless router and also unlimited usage overnight.

So there you have it, a look at ten of the top deals on broadband.  If you really do need a fixed IP address, then one of these providers should suit your needs.

Top Tip

Ensure that you get enough data for your requirements.  The Eclipse or BT 10GB packages really are fairly light and you could use up the consumption of a four months allowance in a day quite comfortably if you’re streaming movies or downloading large files.  If in doubt, go for extra data to ensure that you don’t come up short.  It’s also a good idea to go with providers that offer flexible packages.  So find out whether you can easily upgrade or downgrade your package based on your usage during the contract.

When Sam Jones considered having a fixed IP address (http://www.uswitch.com/broadband/compare/static_ip_broadband) to make working more flexible, he browsed for good deals on the internet. He found several affordable offers using uSwitch and other price comparison sites.