A Look at the New Zune HD

454 I currently own an 8GB Zune mp3 player that my wife uses daily and we are quite happy with it.

Microsoft has now developed the Zune HD, which has not yet been released to stores, but will likely come in a 16GB and a 32GB model with lots of new features, like a high definition output that allows it to transmit in 720p HD on a user’s television. It also allows users to access high definition radio stations and features a 3.3″ high-resolution touch screen.

Microsoft hasn’t yet announced a release date or a price for the player. It is rumoured, however, to cost about $249 for a 16 GB model. A 32 GB model will also be released, and it has been rumoured that a 64 GB model may also be produced.

The device will also feature wireless access, a Web browser with a tap-to-zoom function, a touch QWERTY keyboard and a metallic casing.

You can read an enthusiastic hands-on review of the new Zune HD here at CNet: “Zune HD hands-on look, impressions, tears of joy”

UPDATE: Pricing for new Zune Players: Microsoft gives pricing for new Zune players