A Cool Feature of VIPRE Antivirus Premium

Yesterday, I was exchanging some emails with Jules Peters of PC Authorities.com (who has contributed articles to WindowsTalk as well), and in one of the emails sent, the URL for PC Authorites.com was stripped out by VIPRE Antivirus Premium and replaced with the sentence: “A known bad url was replaced by VIPRE”.

I thought this was odd, for I had never seen VIPRE Antivirus Premium do this before, nor had I ever seen any antivirus program do this, actually changing the content of an email.

Knowing the pcauthories.com site to be ‘safe’ I told her of the message. However, VIPRE blocked my email with the pcauthorites.com URL in it! So I had to resend the message with the URL removed.

This is a great feature of VIPRE, since if it was an URL directing me to a malicious site, I would have clicked on it and possibly compromised my PC’s security.

At any rate, Jules contacted Sunbelt Software and received this personal reply in minutes:


We have reviewed your web site and determined the entry in our database to be a false positive. It will be removed from our block list in a forthcoming definitions update.

Eric Howes
Sunbelt Software

She was duly impressed and so was I with Sunbelt as well as VIPRE Antivirus Premium!

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