A $350 Barebones Vista/Windows 7 PC?

Some years back, I was into building my own PCs (and a few for others). One reason I did so was just for the sheer pleasure of building one from scratch, matching components of my own choice and tinkering with the hardware. It also saved a few bucks; PC prices being much higher then compared to what they are these days. Once I got into the freedom of laptops, I left PC-building behind.
However, it was with great interest I read a blog post by Adrian Kingsley-Hughes over at Hardware 2.0 about a $350 ‘barebones’ PC that would handle Vista and/or Windows 7. To be honest, I have not kept up with any of the advancements in computer hardware, since one is really ‘locked-in’ hardware-wise with laptops.
At the very least, he supplies some good basic guidelines to start building on. If you are considering a new PC, have a look at the article here.

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