7 Simple Tips to make Personalized Address Labels

When it comes to custom requirements, the more personal it looks the better it is. There are a number of ways in which one can make highly personalized labels; however whether or not they look good will also depend on many factors. Going custom requires a sense of taste and a feel for arts. But this is no reason to worry; there are always a thousand different templates at your hands to choose from. Take the already available ones as guides and use them to enhance your imagination, and then use those ideas to build something brilliant for yourself.

Here, in this article, we will present you with seven tips that will help you in your quest to make yourself a great address label.

1) Graphics – Do not try heavy graphics, anything light and creative will be more helpful. Go with the theme and improve it with your own taste, keep it simple but make sure it is a unique concept.

2) Text – Written words must always be clear and the fonts will matter as well. However, if creativity is to be used, the way the text is written will make a lot of difference. Try writing it in rough and see how it looks. Make a few variation of it and once it starts to look good, you are done.

3) Color combination – The background and the font colors must complement each other, but do not go for too many colors, keep it at a minimum. Usually three colors are just enough and that too mostly light colors as the bright ones, seems a bit odd especially on the font. Also, it might be a good idea to use the same colors for the font as the ones prominent on the graphics to make it look classy.

4) Text for graphics – This is done sometimes and it looks good too. One can use their first letter of their first name and make it big. Then that letter can replace the need for graphics and it becomes a bit more personal. It can be even more useful if that letter is used more than once in your name. Sometimes name and surname starts with the same letter, in a case like that, this idea will be even better.

5) Outsource – Designers have amazing creativity, hire someone good and let him surprise you. Or better yet, crowd source it. What is better than one designer – multiple designers? Run a contest on a design forum and see how these designers come up with unique and creative labels.

6) Famous something – Is your place famous for something, sharks, whales, temple, monument etc. If so, why not have it on your address label. It will make it more personalized.

7) Your picture – If you got a happy and lovely family, why not use your family picture on the label. Nothing can be more personal than your own picture. However, this is also a place where you might ask yourself – how personal is too personal? There are some negative sides of it too, as putting up your picture and your family member’s picture like that publicly, might cause some problems, who knows where it might end up. But then we all have our pictures on Facebook anyway.

To wrap it off, going personal is always a good idea. Don’t hold yourself back, if you feel the label needs more of a personal touch, go for it and add whatever your heart desires.

About the Guest Blogger – Uttoran Sen is a full time blogger and a self-proclaimed expert on custom labels. He always suggests going as personal as possible while looking for personalized address labels.