6 Troubleshooting Tips to Combat the Black Screen Computer Error

Computer problems are quite common, and sometimes cause a lot of headache to the owner or the user. Seeing a computer black screen is one of the problems that may cause some of those headaches. Before seeking for assistance from a computer expert, is advisable that an individual troubleshoots problems associated with his or her computer. Problems that are beyond his or her recognition can be referred to computer experts, but troubleshooting is important as it enables the user solve minor problems without necessarily consulting an expert, thereby saving both time and money. This article will discuss the causes of black screen errors, and how to solve them.

Causes and Solutions of Black Screen Computer Errors

There are several causes to this type of computer error.In this article we will talk about 6 possible causes and how to solve these problems.

#1. Display Adapter Error

Assuming that the monitor is correctly plugged, one of the causes of this type error may be a faulty video card or display adapter. The obvious sign of a faulty video card is lines flashing or appearing continuously, yet no display at all. This problem can be solved by changing the video card, or using an onboard video. The video card may also be replaced.

#2.  Faulty Ram

Another cause of black screen computer error is when the RAM is faulty, not firmly fixed, or if it is absent. Some computers normally beep when RAM is not installed, while others do not make any noise, but only show a black screen. If a computer displays a black screen after sometimes only, there is a great chance the memory is worn out, and it is time to replace or clean it. If cleaning does not work, then, you need to replace it. The processor should also be checked if it is fixed firmly.

#3. Not Enough Power

When there is a black screen with amber light flashing, there is chance that the computer does not get enough power, power supply is not working, or there a pin that is bent. It may also be as a result of USB port that is shorted out.

#4. New Hardware

Black screen error may also appear when a new hardware is installed into the computer motherboard. This is mainly due to the incompatibility of some hardware with the computer system, particularly the motherboard. The best solution is to remove the hardware, then restarting the computer. The problem should be solved if it was due to the installed hardware.

#5.  USB Still Attached

If a bootable USB flash is left connected to a computer, the computer may not be able to start, but rather display a black screen. When bootable flash devices are connected to computers, computers recognize them as CDs and try to boot from them, and hence a black screen. It is important to check so as to ensure that no USB devices plugged into the computer.

#6. Corrupted Boot Sector

If your computer boot sector is corrupted, the black screen error may result. This problem occurs manly when booting procedure is interrupted. It is always recommended that booting system should not be interfered with even if it is taking long. The damaged boot sector can be repaired by using a few repair steps to restore the master boot record onto your hard drive.